What is Linx?


Linx is an all-new ve­hi­cle ac­ces­sory in­ter­face de­vel­oped by Aussie 4x4 ac­ces­sory spe­cial­ist ARB. A unique mod­ern con­troller that de­clut­ters the dash­board and cen­tralises the com­mand of ve­hi­cle ac­ces­sories the Linx sys­tem re­places clas­sic switches, gauges and mon­i­tors with one sleek and smart driver in­ter­face ( touch­screen). Linx is built on an ex­pand­able plat­form, and will con­tinue to evolve into the fu­ture.

To­tal Con­trol

Fit­ting out a mod­ern 4WD with a range of ac­ces­sories, such as driv­ing lights, Air Lock­ers, dual bat­ter­ies and air com­pres­sors can quickly lead to a dash full of out of place, hard to reach switches and a myr­iad of gauges and mon­i­tors ei­ther stuck to the wind­screen or drilled into the dash­board, not to men­tion all the as­so­ci­ated fuses and wiring. Linx of­fers a sin­gle point of con­trol via its user friendly, Blue­tooth- enabled, mo­bile touch­screen dis­play. The Linx mo­bile dis­play mounts con­ve­niently and un­ob­tru­sively within reach of the driver while the main con­trol hub lies neatly out of sight un­der the dash or seat tak­ing care of all ac­ces­sory wiring. There are six dif­fer­ent mod­ules; • Front & rear trac­tion. • Com­pres­sor & Pres­sure. • Ac­ces­sory switch­board. • Bat­tery Mon­i­tor. • Speedo. • Air Sus­pen­sion con­trol. You can buy ve­hi­cle-spe­cific A-Pil­lar mounts to suit a wide range of 4WDs, with a gim­bal mount so that the unit can be fine-tuned for the best view­ing and ac­tive use. You can also buy some op­tional ac­ces­sories like a t yre pres­sure con­trol hard­ware kit and Air Sus­pen­sion pres­sure con­trol kit. The t yre pres­sure kit al­lows you to set and ad­just t yre pres­sures via the touch­screen! All you have to do is con­nect the air hose from your ve­hi­cle-mounted com­pres­sor to the t yre valve, set the de­sired pres­sure on the touch­pad and the sys­tem does the rest, air­ing your t yres up or down de­pend­ing on where you are and what you want to do. In much the same way, the op­tional pres­sure con­trol kit al­lows you to con­trol up to four airbags ei­ther as pairs or in­de­pen­dently ( the lat­ter also re­quires an op­tional Linx air bag iso­la­tion kit). As an ex­pand­able plat­form sim­ply con­nect­ing the screen to a WiFi point al­lows you to up­grade your Linx with the lat­est up­dates from ARB at the press of a but­ton. The ARB 4x4 Net­work has agents sit­u­ated through­out the coun­try so they can pro­vide lo­cal and na­tion­wide ser­vice and sup­port for your 4x4. To get the right ad­vice, ser­vice and prod­ucts for your 4x4 con­tact your near­est ARB agent on 0800 ARB 4WD ( 0800 272 493) or go to www. ar­b4x4.co.nz

ARB’s new Linx con­troller sys­tem ready to in­stall.

Linx uses touch­screen in­ter­face tech­nol­ogy to de-clut­ter the dash­board of your 4x4.

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