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When it comes to work­ing out what Re­cov­ery gear you re­ally need who bet­ter to ask than a man at the re­tail coal­face, War­ren Adams of pop­u­lar 4WD web­site www. nz

Not only does War­ren have years of hard-won ( he started with an early three- door Range Rover!!) ex­pe­ri­ence in the 4WD game, he re­mains ac­tively in­volved both as a driver of the dis­tinc­tive or­ange 4WDbits Nis­san GQ race truck, and long-time class spon­sor of the ORANZ NZ Of­fRoad Cham­pi­onship.

“The key ques­tions you have to ask your­self,” he says, “are 1) what are you plan­ning to do with your 4WD? And 2) where are you go­ing?”

“I had a guy ask me that very ques­tion ( what Re­cov­ery Gear do I need?) the other day. So I asked him what he was plan­ning to do? The an­swer was he and his mate used their 4WDs for fish­ing and he wanted to launch his boat from the beach.

“They al­ways took two ve­hi­cles so they had one to launch the boat and the other to tow it out if it got stuck.

“What they needed, then, were 1) Up­rated re­cov­ery points, a tow strap and a tow strap ex­ten­sion.’

“Some­thing like a set of Max­trax re­cov­ery boards would be a good thing for them to carry too.”

Even the length of the Snatch Strap you have your heart set on can de­pend on where you live, and the use you put your 4WD to.

“If you are down south, where they do a lot of driv­ing on shin­gle river beds there is a def­i­nite need,” says War­ren, “for the longer straps so that if one ve­hi­cle gets swamped in a chan­nel the other can still re­cover it from the bank.”

Not sur­pris­ingly the most pop­u­lar Re­cov­ery items War­ren sells are Shack­les, Tow Straps, Snatch Straps and Join­ers; sim­ple back up pieces which don’t cost the earth yet which can – lit­er­ally - be life­savers should things turn pear-shaped.

If you’re still not sure ex­actly what you might need you can al­ways take the easy way out and buy a kit put to­gether by one or other of the big parts and ac­ces­sory sup­pli­ers.

War­ren sells a lot of Road­safe kits and rec­om­mends the com­pany’s Heavy Duty Re­cov­ery pack­ages which sell for $ 294.99 ( incl. GST) from his site.

“It’s good stuff,” he says,“at a good price.”

War­ren Adams test­ing what he sells!

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