Lan-cor Ground Anchors


There’s not much point in hav­ing a great winch if you don’t have any­thing to at­tach i t to. But car­ry­ing around a large, bulky ground an­chor isn’t al­ways prac­ti­cal. That is where the Lan- cor comes in.

While tra­di­tional anchors are big and cum­ber­some, when packed in i ts carry bag the Lan- cor is less than half a me­tre long, only weighs nine kg and can eas­ily be stored with the rest of your re­cov­ery equipment in your ve­hi­cle,

There when you need it

But when you need it, it is eas­ily un­packed and as­sem­bled into a strong, easy- to- man­age an­chor that, once set in the ground, is able to with­stand enor­mous pulling loads in most ter­rain and, amaz­ingly, is at i ts best in sand!

This is not just another auger an­chor. The Lan- cor puts a new t wist on the old auger prin­ci­ple by us­ing an auger blade with a length of wire rope at­tached just above the auger head that the winch at­taches to. Sev­eral de­tach­able lengths of shaft at­tach above the blade to screw the an­chor into the ground.

Solid steel shaft

The auger head of the Lan­cor is made up of a 25mm di­am­e­ter solid steel shaft, while the de­tach­able lengths of shaft are box sec­tion that clip to­gether to give an over­all length of 1.8me­tres, mean­ing that the Lan- cor de­sign is able to go far fur­ther into the ground than other anchors and as i t is pulled from the bot­tom has much greater hold­ing power in a far wider range of ter­rain.

With an im­pres­sive 5.5 ton safe work­ing load, the Lan­cor is able to with­stand some pretty se­ri­ous loads. In fact man­u­fac­turer field tests at a beach showed that the Lan­cor eas­ily with­stood the pull of t wo long wheel base Toy­ota Land Cruis­ers, both sunk in sand to the axles, winch­ing them­selves out at the same time off the same an­chor.


The Lan- cor is used by New Zealand and Aus­tralian es­sen­tial ser­vices and was re­cently picked up by NATO and is now on the NATO list of ap­proved de­vices.

Visit the web­site www. lan- and watch t wo short videos of the Lan­cor in ac­tion, and to or­der an an­chor.


• Carry bag size: 46cm long x 22cm wide x 17cm high • As­sem­bled an­chor length: 1.8mtrs • Weight: 9kg • Cer­ti­fied load rat­ing: 5.5ton ( SWL)

Easy as! A Lan-cor in use.

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