Re­cov­ery gear from Iron­man 4X4

Whether you get stuck by ac­ci­dent or de­sign Iron­man 4x4 has a range of Re­cov­ery op­tions to help you get mo­bile again.


Iron­man 4x4 prod­ucts have been de­vel­oped in the harsh­est prov­ing ground in the world – Aus­tralia, and have been the first choice for cus­tomers for over 50 years. Sold in more than 120 countries, Iron­man 4x4 will de­liver the com­fort and safety you de­mand as well as qual­ity and value for money.

Iron­man 4x4 Mon­ster winches

Iron­man 4x4 has to­tally re­designed and up­graded its range of mon­ster winches, in­clud­ing stronger mo­tors, heavy duty cas­ings, syn­thetic ropes, com­pe­ti­tion style so­le­noids and are the only winch on the mar­ket with a mo­tor breather.

With two in the range, a 9500lb and a 12000lb and with the op­tion of steel or syn­thetic cable there is a winch to suit your needs.

Breathe easy

The great­est new fea­ture of the range of winches is the fully sealed mo­tor with a breather that al­lows the mo­tor to equalise changes in tem­per­a­ture and pres­sure by means of a re­mote breather hose which can be placed high in the ve­hi­cle away from wa­ter. The Iron­man Mon­ster winch is the only winch on the mar­ket with this fea­ture.

Is­sues tend to arise when winches come into con­tact with wa­ter or when they heat and cool draw­ing in mois­ture re­sult­ing in corrosion, es­pe­cially when they are not used or ser­viced reg­u­larly.

The sealed mo­tor keeps the mo­tor dry while the re­mote breather al­lows it to breathe to out­side away from wa­ter.

The 12000lb mon­ster winch has a 6hp ( 4.5kw) se­ries wound mo­tor while the 9500lb uses a 5.5hp ( 4.1kw) se­ries wound mo­tor. Both have sealed wa­ter­proof bear­ings at both ends of the ar­ma­ture for bet­ter sta­bil­ity and re­duced fric­tion.

The ar­ma­tures are in­di­vid­u­ally bal­anced for high speed op­er­a­tion and all wiring is coated for heat pro­tec­tion. With pro­longed op­er­a­tion winch mo­tors heat and Iron­man have added an ex­ter­nal heat sink with in­creased sur­face area to trans­mit heat away from the en­gine.

Gear Box

The winch gear­box has been de­signed with pre­ci­sion ma­chined hard­ened gears which elim­i­nate float and give smooth op­er­a­tion. The clutch mech­a­nism used to en­gage and dis­en­gage uses a slid­ing sys­tem with straight cut gears which elim­i­nates any gear­box slip and the han­dle has been notched to en­sure it re­mains in the se­lected po­si­tion.

The ro­tat­able gear­box al­lows po­si­tion­ing of the clutch han­dle to al­low fit­ment to most bars and easy hand ac­cess and the re­de­vel­op­ment has re­sulted in a low pro­file clutch han­dle al­low­ing for a more uni­ver­sal fit.

Gear­boxes are com­pletely sealed and use premium high qual­ity lithium grease to re­duce the ef­fect of heat, wa­ter and ox­i­diza­tion. The gear re­duc­tion is 265:1 and utilises a 3 stage plan­e­tary sys­tem.

Con­trol Box

The Iron­man con­trol box is wa­ter­proofed and sealed to re­sist wa­ter con­tam­i­na­tion re­duc­ing the risk of short­ing out. The so­le­noid used is com­pletely sealed and has tung­sten tipped con­tacts pro­vid­ing long life and re­sis­tance to arc­ing.

Op­er­a­tion of the winch is by means of one con­troller where the plug in and wire­less re­mote are in­te­grated into a sin­gle hand piece for ease of op­er­a­tion. It can eas­ily be switched to wire­less mode and used up to 30 me­ters away and also comes with an in­built LED light. Wire­less re­motes are in­di­vid­u­ally pro­grammed for each winch.

Drums and Cable

Drums are fit­ted with an au­to­matic ‘ Cam Lock’ which holds the drum in po­si­tion when winch­ing stops. This cam lock sys­tem pro­duces very lit tle heat and ac­ti­vates quickly. Winches can ei­ther be spec­i­fied with 28 me­tres of 8.3mm ( 9500lb) or 9.4mm (12000lb) of wire cable or 28m of syn­thetic rope which is ul­tra light and 45 per­cent stronger by weight than steel.

All winches come with full wiring kits and in­struc­tions, four-way roller fair­lead or al­loy hawse fair­lead, winch damper blan­ket and a five-year war­ranty. Spare parts are car­ried in New Zealand and are read­ily avail­able should they be re­quired. Iron­man Mon­ster winches have a stan­dard bolt mount­ing pat­tern which will al­low them to fit to most bars and ve­hi­cles.

Snatch re­cov­ery straps

Made from 100 per­cent ny­lon and giv­ing 20 per­cent stretch, snatch straps are the easy way to re­cover stuck ve­hi­cles. Two sizes are avail­able, an 8000kg which is 75mm wide and a 11,000kg which is 100mm wide both be­ing nine me­tres long and have re­in­forced eye­lets.

Large Re­cov­ery Kit

This re­cov­ery kit con­tains all the es­sen­tials in an easy to carry durable kit bag. Con­tent in­cludes a nine me­tre x 8000kg snatch strap, two x 4.7T Bow shack­les, a 20m 4500kg winch ex­ten­sion strap, a three me­tre 12000kg tree trunk

pro­tec­tor, winch snatch block, 5m x 8mm drag chain and long length leather gloves.

All com­po­nents have been NATA tested and proven in the harsh Aus­tralian out­back.

High Lift Jack

These sim­ple and easy to use jacks have a 1050kg lif ting ca­pac­ity and can be used for lif ting, push­ing, pulling or winch­ing. They have a low pick up point just one cm from the base and a long lif ting nose for pos­i­tive con­tact with the load.

Two units are avail­able, a 48-inch or a 60-inch, both with a 12 month war­ranty and com­ply­ing with Aus­tralian and NZ safety stan­dards. The jack has a large square base and comes com­plete with a carry bag.

Rated Re­cov­ery Points

Re­cov­ery is an in­evitabil­ity when four­wheel-driv­ing. You need rated re­cov­ery points that can safely with­stand and dis­trib­ute the loads of a re­cov­ery – which is some­thing stock tow points aren’t de­signed to do.

Iron­man 4x4 has re­cently re­leased a new range of re­cov­ery points that are both rated and de­signed to be fit­ted ( and sold) in pairs, al­low­ing an equal­i­sa­tion strap to be used and pro­vide mul­ti­ple at­tach­ment points dur­ing a re­cov­ery.

Pow­der coated red for ease of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion – es­pe­cially when cov­ered in dirt and mud, Iron­man 4x4 re­cover points are per­fect for winch­ing and snatch re­cov­er­ies.

With holes to suit a 4.75t shackle, hook­ing up is sim­ple and com­pat­i­ble with your stan­dard re­cov­ery kit.

For more de­tails and the full range of prod­ucts see the web­site www.iron­ or phone 0508 IRON­MAN.

An Iron­man 4x4 Mon­ster HeroSR winch.

Iron­man 4x4’s large Re­cov­ery kit.

An Iron­man 4x4 Re­cov­ery hook.

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