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By the time you read this the open­ing round of this year’s Main­land Su­per­winch Chal­lenge Se­ries will have been run and won, but so much has hap­pened in the off-sea­son that Edi­tor Ross and I thought it would be a good idea to run a preview so you are all up to speed when my first event re­port is pub­lished ( in the Au­gust is­sue. Ed)

First up then, the 2018 sea­son looks to be one of the big­gest we have had so far. I’d also like to thank our main spon­sor, Su­per­winch, for com­ing back on board for an­other year. Once again we will have great prizes to give away at each round.

With a few changes too, we have been able to get our “Open Class” up and run­ning again. Last sea­son we had no en­tries for Open but a record num­ber in Out­law. This kinda’ told us some­thing, so we ba­si­cally laxed up a bit on the Rego/ WoF side of the Class. I could go into great de­tail but I will leave that up to you to chase up a “Rule Book” if you are in­ter­ested. What­ever we did, it worked, which is the main thing.

This year we have five rounds. The first is hosted by the Marl­bor­ough Club at Maruia, the sec­ond by the Sho­tover 4x4 Club at Alexan­dra. The third round at Christchurch will be hosted by 4x4 Events, the fourth at Nel­son by the Nel­son 4WD Club and for the fi­nal we again head to Dunedin for an event hosted by the Land Rover Club of Otago.

Class en­try

Over­all we have had record in­ter­est in our se­ries with all the key play­ers com­ing back plus a host of new­com­ers keen to have a go and/or make their mark.

Class by class the en­try looks like this.

Club­man Class

Richard Gif­ford ( Blen­heim), driv­ing a Land Rover 110. Fa­ther/ son team have done a cou­ple of sea­sons now.

Ben Sim­mons ( Alexan­dra), driv­ing a Toy­ota Surf. First year com­pet­ing.

Lockie Coskerie ( Te­muka), driv­ing a Suzuki Es­cudo. First year com­pet­ing.

Pete Les­lie ( Blen­heim), driv­ing his Toy­ota Land Cruiser. Pete had a break last sea­son. It’s great to see him back.

Tony O’Don­nell ( Blen­heim). Tony’s co- driver Rus­sel is the owner of the Toy­ota Surf they are en­tered in. First year com­pet­ing.

Of these five, only two teams have com­peted be­fore. It’s great to see new blood try­ing out the chal­lenge.

Open Class

This year we have 16 Se­ries En­tries for this sea­son. They line up look­ing like this.

Rick Cros­bie ( Christchurch). In his Jeep Wran­gler, I be­lieve he may have a new winch to play with. Rick and co-driver Brian are old hands at this Winch Chal­lenge stuff. Their new winch may be their chal­lenge this year. I have heard there may also be a few new mods to the Jeep. Rick is also our vice-pres­i­dent.

Tom Green ( Nel­son). Driv­ing a Jeep Wran­gler. Sec­ond sea­son for Tom. He en­tered in the Club­man Class last sea­son and did re­ally well so de­cided it was time to step up to the next class. A few mods to the Jeep and he’s good to go.

Craig Fraser ( Christchurch) built a very mod­i­fied Toy­ota Hilux a cou­ple of sea­sons ago but had a few is­sues so hasn’t been able to en­ter a whole se­ries as yet. This is one truck we are all pretty keen to see out there.

Greg Craik ( Bal­clutha), a fa­ther/son team in their Suzuki SJ413. Greg has been en­ter­ing chal­lenges in Club­man Class for

a few years but last sea­son due to a cou­ple of WoF is­sues had to en­ter Out­law. This change was huge for this wee Suzuki but with the changes made in the Open Class he has been able to get out of Out­law and en­ter Open.

Stu McLean ( Christchurch) in his Toy­ota Hilux has been around for years. Al­ways giv­ing

it his best. There may be a new en­gine in the Hilux this year. Stu has also gone from Out­law to Open Class.

Adam War­dle (Christchurch), driv­ing his Toy­ota Hilux. Third sea­son for Adam. They also have switched from Out­law to Open.

Mal­colm Wells (Ti­maru), driv­ing his Toy­ota Bun­dera. Sec­ond sea­son with do-driver Rob. Mal­colm en­tered into Out­law last sea­son be­cause Open didn’t hap­pen. Mal­colm is also our Pres­i­dent this year.

Rowan Coutts (Nel­son), sec­ond sea­son in his Jeep Cherokee. Rowan has been en­ter­ing for a few years now but nor­mally in a Jeep Wran­gler. An­other truck that has been able to en­ter into the Open Class be­cause of the changes.

Nathan Ham­mond (Christchurch) has en­tered Open Class this sea­son in a Jeep Wran­gler. I be­lieve this is a new build. Last year Nathan was the first to en­ter into the Winch Chal­lenge in a Can-Am UTV.

Steve Bruer­ton (Christchurch) along with brother Matt are back for an­other sea­son in their Nis­san Sa­fari. Pretty sure it’s their sec­ond.

Tim Lu­cas ( Fox Glacier) driv­ing a Land Rover 110. First time en­tered.

Andy Witty (Christchurch) in his Land Rover 90. Andy and Craig nor­mally work to­gether so I am only guess­ing here. I think if Craig’s Hilux is still not ready they will be en­ter­ing in Andy’s

Land Rover. Watch this space.

Leigh Jones (Blen­heim) is back in the driver’s seat this sea­son with Mrs Lee back co-driv­ing. I think this is where they both pre­fer to be in their Hilux.

Al­bie Fisher (Christchurch) driv­ing a Nis­san Pa­trol. Al­bie bought this truck from the North Is­land where it had been com­pet­ing in chal­lenges up that way for a few years. This is the first sea­son for Al­bie.

Brock Welsh (Christchurch) has changed classes. Brock has won the Club­man Class for the past two sea­sons so thought it was time to step up. Not just to Open either, he has also built a new Jeep Wran­gler that only took three months and is also run­ning a new winch. First sea­son for this truck.

Richard Robb (Dunedin) is very pleased to be back in Open. Last year he also had to en­ter Out­law as there was no en­tries to com­pete against in Open. Richard has been en­ter­ing for a num­ber of years now.

Out­law class

Out­law Class has 13 Se­ries En­tries, in­clud­ing three from North Is­land teams.

Brent Holden (Christchurch) is back in his Ul­tra 4. Still the only Ul­tra 4 en­tered into the Se­ries. Brent isn’t new to winch chal­lenges as he was very com­pet­i­tive in the North Is­land. This will be his sec­ond sea­son in the Main­land Su­per­winch Chal­lenge and in his Ul­tra 4. Brent’s co-driver Aaron com­mutes from

Auck­land to ev­ery round. Com­mit­ment right there.

Scotty New­port (Nel­son) has built him­self his dream truck. Not only did he get to build his Jeep Wran­gler from scratch he has also gained a new hy­brid winch which was built by his friend Steve. So he has two ‘news’ to get used to. With the choice of en­ter­ing into Open or Out­law he and co-driver James have de­cided to stay in Out­law, that de­ci­sion not so much James’ favourite choice.

Robin Scaife ( Wellington) is back again in his Jeep. Robin and co-driver Paul en­tered a cou­ple of years back. It is a huge com­mit­ment and it’s great to see them back. Some say we (the Main­land Su­per­winch Chal­lenge) taught these guys how to drive to win so they will be worth watch­ing over the sea­son.

Andy Reeves (Christchurch) will be back in his home-built Buggy (Moon Buggy). He has done some mods though the off-sea­son, mainly to the out­side I hear.

An­drew Gar­ratt (Christchurch) with son Joel are back. They have re­tired the Jeep Cherokee and built a new truck, an­other home-built Buggy. They have done a few sea­sons now but this is their first sea­son in the new truck.

Stan Good­man (Wellington) in his Toy­ota FJ40. Stan has en­tered into a few rounds over the years but this is his first year to en­ter the se­ries. Also a huge com­mit­ment.

Daimeon Veitch (Christchurch) driv­ing his Toy­ota Hilux (nick­named the Naked Lux) had a bad run last year. Hope­fully those is­sues have been sorted as they are fun to watch.

Mike Holmes (Blen­heim) back in his Toy­ota Hilux. Mike/ Sh­eryl and the Hilux had a rollover in Round 2 last sea­son which put them out for the rest of 2017.

Mike and Sh­eryl came away pretty much un­scathed but the Hilux had to have a to­tal re­build. Ba­si­cally 10 months spent on the Hilux and it is look­ing brand new.

Skip Con­nor (Dunedin) in a Canam Mav­er­ick. First sea­son for Skip and the sec­ond Can-am to have en­tered into the se­ries.

Richard Wilson (Queen­stown) is back in his Toy­ota Land Cruiser. Richard has done a lot of work on his truck in the off sea­son and he also has a new co-driver for the sea­son.

Lance Good­man (Wellington) driv­ing a Toy­ota Land Cruiser FJ40. Lance has also done a few of our rounds in past years but never en­tered into the se­ries. Again a huge com­mit­ment.

Mike McCarthy (Dunedin) in his faith­ful buggy. Mike and co-driver Tom have been a team since the start of the winch chal­lenges. The winch chal­lenges are al­ways dur­ing the win­ter months and I don’t envy these guys in their Buggy. It doesn’t mat­ter how much wet weather gear you have on they still get wet.

Nic Aymes (Wanaka), sec­ond sea­son in his Suzuki SJ413. Nic has been a co-driver un­til he bought his own Suzuki.

De­tails, de­tails

That’s a run-down on the en­tries this sea­son. Now some nuts and bolts.

Se­ries En­trants are al­lowed to drop one round. To get to the top of the ta­ble it pays to do all five rounds then you can drop your worst. The Se­ries Score Rules also say each team has to com­plete 60 per­cent of the Round and then 60 per­cent of the Se­ries.

I will once again be fol­low­ing these teams through the sea­son and will get high­lights for my sto­ries in NZ4WD mag. You can also fol­low our face­book page “Su­per­winch Main­land Chal­lenge.”

Mike Holmes’ freshly re­built Toy­ota Hilux.

Brock Welsh’s new-build Jeep Wran­gler.

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