Al­ways as keen to en­ter­tain as he is to ed­u­cate us about the Cen­tral Zone Club Truck Chal­lenge, or­gan­iser An­drew Gee has put to­gether this ‘spread­sheet-style’ story to wrap up the 2017/18 se­ries.

NZ4WD - - CONTENTS - Story and pho­tos by An­drew Gee.

In no par­tic­u­lar or­der we will start with 32, the num­ber of rounds of the Cen­tral Zone Club Truck Chal­lenge (CTC) en­tered by Bren­dan Watchorn, in other words, ev­ery sin­gle one.

25-9-2011 – that date of the first round of CTC which was held in Manawatu.

31 rounds en­tered by Steve Ste­wart, he’s been to them all but only watched the first one.

3 gen­er­a­tions of the Hintz fam­ily take part in CTC, Mum and Dad, John and Ju­dith, lit­tle boy David and grand­daugh­ter Grace.

There are 21 4WD clubs in the Cen­tral Zone, 31 clubs in the North­ern Zone and 13 clubs in the South­ern Zone giv­ing a to­tal of 65 4WD clubs af­fil­i­ated to the NZFWDA. Any of their mem­bers can en­ter the CTC.

We have 4 dif­fer­ent classes to even up the play­ing field. Class 1 is un­mod­i­fied with no trac­tion aids, Class 2 al­lows lim­ited mod­i­fi­ca­tions, un­con­trolled trac­tion aids such as lim­ited slip diffs al­lowed, Class 1 and Class 2 are lim­ited to 33-inch tyres. Class 3 Mod­i­fied al­lows with driver-con­trolled trac­tion aids, Class 4 Un­lim­ited Mod­i­fied that can in­clude fid­dle brakes and ad­justable sus­pen­sion, and Class 3 and Class 4 are lim­ited to 35-inch tyres. Ev­ery­one needs a war­rant of fit­ness and reg­is­tra­tion on their ve­hi­cle.

At the 2015 Ratana round there were 7 Jeep Wran­gler TJs en­tered. Nis­san Pa­trol GQs are also a pop­u­lar choice as is the clas­sic FJ40 Land Cruiser. It’s hard to say what is the best ve­hi­cle is apart from the best one is what­ever you have. The 4 classes mean that you are com­pet­ing on even terms with the other com­peti­tors and it is about know­ing your ve­hi­cle and get­ting some prac­tice.

Your 3 best re­sults for a sea­son are used to cal­cu­late your plac­ing in the se­ries for that sea­son, al­low­ing you to drop bad scores or to chose not to travel to a far away round.

There are 15 haz­ards per day typ­i­cally, in a mix­ture of graded, un­graded and speed sections.

Usu­ally events at­tract 2 types of peo­ple, the ones who have a Jeep and the oth­ers who wish they did.

At one round we had 4 women en­tered as driv­ers, and quite of­ten we have 3 lady driv­ers #YOUTOO?

There are 0 dol­lars prize money, al­though there has been the odd spot prize.

We have had 1 re­vi­sion of the rules, not bad for 7 years.

Only 20 dol­lars, cur­rently the max­i­mum en­try fee per round per driver.

That said we have 500 dol­lars per event avail­able from the Cen­tral Zone to fi­nan­cially un­der­write a club putting on a round.

We had 53 dif­fer­ent driv­ers en­tered at least one round of CTC in the 2012-13 sea­son

Then 54 dif­fer­ent driv­ers en­tered at least one round of CTC in the 2014-15 sea­son.

An in­com­plete list of se­ries re­sults go­ing back over the years looks some­thing like this:

2012-13 Class 1 Mark Watchorn, Class 2 Ross Gre­gory, Class 3 Dave McGin­nity.

2013-14 Class 2 Ross Gre­gory , Class 3 Dave McGin­nity.

See you in 2018/19.

2014-15 Class1 1= Keith Hosk­ing, Brent Ward, Class 2 1= Bren­dan Watchorn, Graeme Goble Class 3 Don Mor­gan.

2015-16 Class 1 Ross Gor­don, Class 2 Alan Stone, Class 3 Marty Green.

2016-17 Class 1 Ross Gre­gory, Class 2 Dave McGin­nity, Class 3 Marty Green.

2017-18 Class 1 Ross Gre­gory, Class 2 Mark Smith, Dave McGin­nity, Class 3 An­drew Gee, Class 4 Marty Green.

And that’s it for the cur­rent sea­son. Our num­ber has lit­er­ally come up! Thanks to our com­peti­tors and event or­gan­is­ers for putting on great events with a com­pet­i­tive edge.

Se­ries stal­wart Bren­dan and Tracey Watchorn uses the same Pa­jero in Class 2 back in 2013 at White­mans’ Val­ley as they do to­day with just a healthy sup­ply of CV joints to keep them rolling.

Tri­als pi­lot Brent Ward tri­cy­cles his “un­mod­i­fied” Class 1 Toy­ota pow­ered by a Lexus V8 en­gine.

Bruce Tustin from Wellington Jeep Club pushes hard just to get 80 points. The Jeep TJ is a pop­u­lar choice in both class 2 and 3.

Don and Tr­ish Mor­gan from Wellington Jeep Club get a lot of use out of this mod­i­fied Jeep in CTC, from nor­mal 4WD club runs to full-on off road race events, in­clud­ing two Taupo 1000s.

Steve Ste­wart throws his Class 3 Nis­san into the hill at Lep­per­ton back in 2013. Steve has been to ev­ery round of the CTC.

Marty Green from Cap­i­tal Cruis­ers Club uses Chevy power to clear out the boggy parts of the speed sec­tion. He has owned the Mod­i­fied classes for the last three years.

Guy Con­roy from Wellington CCVC com­peted in many rounds in this classy Cruiser. Af­ter a few years he be­headed poor old Orville and filled the now roof­less truck up with scaf­fold­ing pipes.

Shona Stone from Mt Eg­mont 4WD club gives the creek a good go. She would be the lady en­trant with the most en­tries over the years. Shona and hus­band Alan Stone put on the Taranaki rounds year on year as well as com­pet­ing in all the other rounds around the lower North Is­land.’

Ju­dith Hintz is a great com­peti­tor and has trav­elled to most of the rounds in the last cou­ple of years like all our cadre of Club Truck­ers.

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