T he automotive and transporta­tion industry is amongst the most exposed verticals to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and is currently amidst unpreceden­ted uncertaint­y. In fact, Covid-19 and the ongoing effects it is going to have on our economy into 2021 is expected to have a significan­t impact on the supply chain and product demand in the automotive sector. Furthermor­e, changes in consumer buying behaviour owing to uncertaint­y surroundin­g the pandemic may have serious implicatio­ns on the near future growth of the industry.

Sector growth predicted

However, when it comes to battery sales in New Zealand, many of the factors that underpinne­d demand over the past five years are likely to continue driving growth in the future. The average age of New Zealand's vehicle fleet is forecast to continue to increase slightly, and household disposable income and the number of registered motor vehicles on the roads are also forecast to continue growing.

The ongoing popularity of second-hand imported motor vehicles is anticipate­d to be a key driver of industry growth. In addition, consumer sentiment is forecast to rise and remain positive, bolstering demand for automotive batteries.

With the advancemen­ts in automotive technology, automobile­s now consist of a large number of functions these days. The functions have increased exponentia­lly during the past few years, as a result of the intense competitio­n among the vehicle manufactur­ers.

Features like advanced safety technology, countless sensors, automated lighting, car infotainme­nt systems, etc., have trickled down even into the entry-level automobile­s. These new attributes put immense pressure on car batteries, which have to take on higher loads.

Vampire drain

Some estimates are there are at least 100 electronic functions in a typical car, each with its own processor. You’d like to think that when the car is “off,” these circuits are also off as well.

Except they aren’t, of course. Even in the so-called off state, many of these circuits are in standby, quiescent, or sleep mode – call it what you wish – and all need a little bit of current from the battery so they can do whatever they are supposed to do when the vehicle is presumed to be off. Each one has a very modest drain, usually around a milliamp – hence the term “vampire” drain – but those milliamps add up to a significan­t, continuous drain on the battery.

Before we blame just the car designers and makers, note that the problem of vampire drain is not unique to cars. It’s actually a characteri­stic of every product with a soft-off function rather than a true, hard-off switch which actually disconnect­s the battery.

That was what “off” meant in the old days, but now, off usually is soft, with the virtual on/off switch or function always ready (and thus powered) to allow the user to wake the unit up. This, in turn, is expected to drive the market for automotive batteries.

Fastest growing

The lithium-ion battery is expected to be the fastest growing battery type in the upcoming years on account of the exponentia­l increase expected in the sales and demand for battery electric vehicle, as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles market.

The ever-evolving advancemen­ts in automotive technology drive the need for leading edge products, tools, equipment and training for our customers and service providers and hence our value offering – Atomic Batteries is the perfect solution.

Keeping the customer satisfacti­on as our key focus, Atomic batteries are sourced from some of the world’s largest manufactur­ers. All batteries are developed to meet Atomic’s specificat­ions which in most cases exceed OEM specificat­ions. The brand’s extensive range of batteries includes the following:

• Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)


• Automotive (calcium).

• Commercial.

• Deep cycle.

• Marine.

All batteries are unique to Atomic in colour, labelling and features offered. Available in every major automotive battery size their features include:

• Calcium-calcium maintenanc­e-free technology.

• 24 month warranty.*

• Fully sealed containers.

• Longer shelf life.

• Magic eye charge indicator.

• Expanded grid technology.

• Fibre reinforced plates.

Atomic Batteries are high quality, reliable product with excellent performanc­e and service life that satisfy the relevant global and local standards and the company is confident that Atomic batteries are a fit product for those looking for a good quality battery at a reasonable price.

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