I t's takes a very special vehicle to comfortabl­y transport a family of eight to the most remote destinatio­ns in Australia, but fortunatel­y if you do have the means, Queensland company SLRV Expedition Vehicles, has the machine for the task, the new 'Commander 8x8'.

Based on the MAN TGS 8x8 platform, the Commander 8x8 is almost unstoppabl­e on or – within reason – off road, while at the same time providing luxurious, self-sufficient living for extended time away from civilisati­on. In fact, the body that the SLRV team has developed includes sleeping for ten and also features an ample living area.

To better make use of space, the vehicle features a two storey design. At the touch of a button, the upper storey lifts to provide six beds for the children as well as under mattress storage areas. On the bottom level, the parents are treated to a separate master suite and there's even an additional electric lift-up bed for two guests if required.

Also on the ground floor is a fully appointed kitchen and dining area with seating for up to 10 and a separate toilet and bathroom.

To keep the family on the road for longer, the Commander

8x8 is equipped with a lithium battery system, solar panels, a generator and power can also be drawn from the truck's special 9.5kVA alternator for immediate consumptio­n or to charge battery packs.

When travelling remotely particular­ly across the Tasman, water is another prime considerat­ion so the Commander 8x8 is equipped with a multiple cell tank set-up that can hold up to 1000 litres.

SLRV Expedition Vehicles Director Warwick Boswerger says that his company manufactur­es its own bull bars in-house, incorporat­ing Narva LED headlamps and fog lamps as they go.

The company also fits a Narva dual row LED light bar onto the bull bar as four Ultima 215 LED driving lights to roof racks on the top of the cabin.

“And the feedback we get from customers about the performanc­e of the lights is extremely positive as they talk turning night into day," says Boswerger.

As well as forward-facing lighting, with a vehicle the size of the Commander 8x8, periphery lighting is also important.

"Around the vehicle we've positioned a number of Narva work lamps and these are all operated via remote control. They provide additional security but are also very useful when manoeuvrin­g and parking up at night in remote areas," explains Boswerger. For full details of SLRV Expedition Vehicles' new Commander 8x8 range visit: www.slrvexpedi­

 ??  ?? The 8x8 MAN ‘Expedition Beast’.
The 8x8 MAN ‘Expedition Beast’.

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