W ant more light for working under the bonnet of your car, ‘truck’ or SUV? Then listen up, because the good buggers at Narva have just introduced a pair of new workshop lamps that could be the perfect solution for New Zealand technician­s and handymen alike.

The new lamps are part of the innovative Advanced Lighting

Solutions (ALS) workshop range designed by Narva to improve visibility and safety in poorly illuminate­d situations.

The two new LED under-bonnet/scene lights offer users a pair of feature-packed alternativ­es to Narva’s already popular and proven See Ezy rechargeab­le LED under bonnet lamps (part numbers 71230 & 71228) already popular with many workshops and motor racing teams across Australasi­a.

The new LED lamps boast a powerful – adjustable – light output supported by lightweigh­t, sturdy constructi­on and a multitude of accessorie­s that deliver seamless, hands-free lighting across an entire engine bay.

With selectable output/brightness, users can choose from two to four hours operating time with three to four-hour charging time. And both units offer adjustable lengths that range from 1.2 to two metres, which enables them to fit most vehicle bonnets, using detachable brackets for easy mounting and storage.

“Narva has been very thorough with the design of these lamps, making sure that they address the needs of a busy workshop, where better light leads to a faster and more accurate job – they are every bit as important as a good ratchet spanner or torque wrench,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, distributo­r of Narva lighting and electrical products in New Zealand.

Aside from Narva’s precision build quality, other features of the 1,000 lumen model (part number 71430) include the fact that it has a detachable light head and battery, as well as a 2-in-1 charge base that doubles as a powerful flood (800lm) and spot (400lm) torch.

An optional UV torch charge base (part number 71484) also provides a powerful UV output; ideal for aircon leak detection.

The more powerful 2,000 lumen lamp (part number 71432), meanwhile, can operate by battery or via its included five-metre 240V AC cable so workshop users are never left without light.

“The new Narva ALS under bonnet lamps aren’t just made for the workshop,” adds Mr Paterson.

“They are also light enough to be used on awnings or roof racks for camping and leisure. And, because they also produce a high CRI index, they are ideal for checking paint for imperfecti­ons and scratches on paintwork.”

Optional extras include two heavy-duty tripods (with or without wheels), multi-functional fasteners, spare chargers and batteries, along with the UV charge base and torch for model 71430.

Narva’s new ALS under bonnet lamps and the rest of its premium ALS range of workshop lighting are available from leading automotive outlets throughout New Zealand.

I ronman 4x4 offers a full range of Lights and allied electrical accessorie­s for your 4WD including a comprehens­ive line-up of LED Light Bars, Dual Battery systems and – of course – its distinctiv­e ‘Monster’ winches.

Ironman 4x4 Lighting

To help enhance your current vehicle’s OEM lights, Ironman 4X4 produces a range of lights including the Gamma 175 H3 halogen with a pencil and spread beam, the Vega 220 H1 halogen and the Supernova HID 35W with internal ballast, a glass lens, polycarbon­ate lens cover and with a range of up to one km!

A recent addition is a range of LED lights from small modular types through to a 756mm long LED Light Bar producing 90W of power at 8100 Lumens.

Ironman 4x4 also offers a full range of other products which help you get more use and therefore value out of your 4x4, like…

Ironman 4x4 Dual Battery systems

A dual battery system in a 4×4 is very handy, especially if you like running accessorie­s from your 4×4 when camping and in particular if you run a compressor fridge in the back.

The idea of a dual battery system is to have all (or most) of your accessorie­s connected to the second battery (usually a deep cycle). As your accessorie­s use power from the second battery the isolator prevents power from draining from your main starting battery leaving it ready for you to start your vehicle when needed. When you start your vehicle the isolator senses the charge from your alternator and links the batteries together and charges them as you drive.

Ironman 4x4 Winches

Ironman Monster winches are very popular with Kiwi buyers. There are two in the range, a 9500lb and a 12000lb. The gearbox on the winches has an upgraded design with hardened gears to eliminate float for precision operation along with an improved sliding clutch with straight cut gears which eliminates any gearbox slip.

The rotatable gearbox allows positionin­g of the clutch handle to allow easy hand access on most bull bars.

Winches come complete with a wireless remote with a 40m range as well as a three metre lead remote. The 12000lb monster winch has a 4.5kW (6hp) motor which is fully sealed and is supplied with a breather tube for mounting high on the firewall away from water. Winches have 28m of steel cable or the option of 28m of synthetic rope.

Camping Accessorie­s

The range of camping accessorie­s from Ironman 4x4 is always expanding with the proven rooftop tents and awnings available and a new range of fridges from 30-50 litres, camping chairs, tables, swags, tent lights and picnic sets recently released, there is something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Ironman 4x4 dealers also pride themselves in being able to supply 101 other essentials for your 4x4 or the 4x4 lifestyle it allows you to pursue, including bull bars, suspension upgrades, side steps and rails, rear bars, underbody protection and snorkels. The Ironman 4x4 range of accessorie­s is extensive.

For a full run down see the website www.ironman4x4. or phone 0508 IRONMAN.

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 ??  ?? The full Narva ALS line-up now available in New Zealand.
The full Narva ALS line-up now available in New Zealand.
 ??  ?? Ironman 4x4 also produces a line of Monster winches for your 4x4.
Ironman 4x4 also produces a line of Monster winches for your 4x4.
 ??  ?? Want your truck to look like this? Ironman 4x4 can help!
Want your truck to look like this? Ironman 4x4 can help!

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