A new Canoo

Now this is what an EV 4WD looks like


Canoo, an electric automotive start-up based in California, has expanded its line-up of forthcomin­g electric vehicles by revealing this snub-nosed space age transporte­r.

The pickup, which sports a modular design similar to the company’s van and other designs, will offer more than 320km (200 miles) of range and produce as much as 447kW (600 horsepower) and 744Nm (550 pound-feet) of torque with the dual-motor configurat­ion

That power and range, and a full 2.0 metre pickup bed, are contained within a 2.8 metre wheelbase. That is 50mm shorter than the Tesla Model 3 and 600mm shorter than a Ford Ranger.

Designing from scratch means innovation comes to the fore.

On either side of the six-foot wellside tray, tables fold down to function as a workspace, and there is a table that folds down from the front of the truck. That table exposes a small storage area as well as various power points for electric tools and electronic­s.

The pickup bed can also be extended, as well as enclosed, to fit bigger items. Steps with built-in storage them can be pulled out of the sides of the truck to make it easier to access anything on the roof rack.

The battery pack in the pickup is designed to be repaired, replaced, and upgraded when need be, so the batteries powering the truck don’t become outdated. Canoo also designed the pickup with steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems controllin­g the vehicle to eliminate the need for a traditiona­l steering column and other hardware.

Canoo’s pickup will be built in 2023.

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