Terrain Tamer bearings transition Koyo to JTEKT name


Terrain Tamer have announced that the bearing and seal components used in their kits will be undergoing a name change throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.

The Terrain Tamer brand has previously enjoyed a long history in partnershi­p with Japanese brand Koyo, using their brand of bearings and seals in Terrain Tamer Bearing Kits to ensure the highest quality and precision specificat­ions are met.

As many in the industry are aware, Koyo has previously been the name of the JTEKT Corporatio­n’s bearing brand, however throughout 2022, JTEKT Corporatio­n have been working to unify all of their brands.

This means that the parts and products used in Terrain Tamer’s kits will begin to transition to instead use the JTEKT name and branding, rather than the Koyo branding seen in the past. Parts and packaging showing both names will be available during the transition period while stock is depleted and gradually replaced with the newly branded stock.

The product itself remains identical and the same world leading quality continues.

In recent times, Terrain Tamer worked exclusivel­y with JTEKT to develop their innovative Heavy Duty Bearing Kits, for vehicles operating in extreme conditions.

These kits feature a Heavy Duty bearing created by JTEKT to Terrain Tamer tooling, combining a new forging technique with an upgraded heat treatment procedure to enable longer service, as well as Heavy Duty hub seals which rotate on their own internal surface, without relying on the condition of the shaft for their function.

For more informatio­n on the branding change, or any of Terrain Tamer’s product, call 09 263 6021 or visit terraintam­

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