Camping with Ironman 4x4


The rooftop advantage

The summer season is on our doorstep and many of you will be planning your getaways into the outdoors to enjoy the beauty of our country.

Rooftop tents are a great solution for both touring and extended camping trips. Rooftop camping comes with a range of benefits including an elevated abode away from animals, away from running surface water in heavy rain, and away from uneven ground and rocks in your hip or back. They also offer a simplified setup and pack-up to ensure you spend more time doing the things you love.

Soft shell rooftop tent

The Ironman 4×4 Roof Top Tent provides the ultimate in ease and convenienc­e when traveling. Unfolding in minutes, a rooftop tent provides sleeping quarters off the ground, protected from the elements. Spacious and comfortabl­e, all bedding can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital storage space in the vehicle, and allowing the tent to be quickly and easily packed away.

The hardshell advantage

The benefits of a hard shell rooftop tent really come into their own when looking at the convenienc­e of set-up and pack up as the hard shell cover itself forms a functional part of the tent’s constructi­on. Set up becomes a breeze with little to no structural poles to place; simply pop it open, roll out the ladder and you’re literally a few steps away from a good night’s sleep.

Swift 1400 rooftop tent

The Swift 1400 is the first of the new offerings from Ironman 4×4 and is perfectly suited for larger wagons as well as utes fitted with alloy/steel canopies or appropriat­ely rated tradesman racks. The Swift takes on the popular style of pop-up rooftop tent, which rather than unfolding and expanding out, the roof of the Swift 1400 simply hinges open in one quick manoeuvre.

The Swift 1400 is not suited to standard fiberglass and ABS ute canopies due to its 2300 x 1400mm footprint but provides the ultimate in set-up and pack-up simplicity while its strong extruded steel roof constructi­on is suited to mounting up to 50kg dynamic load. The Swift 1400 comes with 2 x roof rails as standard equipment!

Additional­ly, the gas-assisting roof struts are rated for up to 40kg of additional operating roof load; perfect for mounting solar panels. The tent’s extruded aluminium perimeter T-slot channel is also perfect for mounting awnings, shower rooms and more.

Here are a few features not to forget about the Swift 1400.

• Set-up and pack-down as simple as it gets.

• Extruded aluminium constructi­on is suited for roof loads while the perimeter extrusion is suited for direct mounting of T-slot accessorie­s.

• Maximised internal headspace over 1500mm at the peak.

• An insulated roof, anti-condensati­on mat, large windows and additional mesh vents make for a luxurious abode.

Nomad 1300 rooftop tent

The first thing to note of the Nomad 1300 rooftop tent is its compact ‘in-transit’ profile. With a footprint of just 1600 x 1300mm and a net weight of just 68kg the Nomad 1300 is perfectly coupled, in both size and weight, with dual cab ute canopies and many dual cab ute cabins as well as all size of 4×4 wagon and SUV.

While compact and light in transit, the Nomad 1300 unfolds to reveal an impressive mattress space of 2050 x 1600mm. That’s larger than your standard queen size bed!

If you’re looking at the purchase of a rooftop tent, here are a few features not to forget about the Nomad 1300.

Compact transit size and weight makes it perfect for installati­on on ute canopies and small wagons.

A mattress larger than your standard queen-size bed means room to move.

The generous 120mm internal height allows for plenty of room to sit up and allows a sensible use of the tent for rainy day refuge.

The skylight roof window allows for the ultimate stargazing experience. 270-Degree awnings – freestandi­ng & supported

An awning for all seasons; with the Deltawing 270° awning range Ironman 4×4 really does have you covered.

Slip, slop, slap – words all New Zealanders have learnt to live by. While we love our sunburnt country there is no denying that while spending time with nature, nature can be cruel. A vehicle awning for your 4WD or SUV provides more than just protection, it provides a hugely improved level of comfort. Whether it’s to escape the heat or to provide dry refuge during a downpour; an awning can quickly become one of your most valued accessorie­s.

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