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From the invigorati­on of a first light fly-fishing cast to a close of day campfire at sunset, Kiwi adventurer­s have it pretty sweet in this country.

We have places we can go for 2-day escapes for the weekend, or we can get away for weeks on end and, thanks to companies like Yakima, we can carry all the gear we need, safely and efficientl­y to make the most of our Big Backyard.

Yakima is a well-trusted solutions provider which has enabled Kiwis to make the most of our recreation­al paradise, whether that be in the snow, near the water, in the bush or even when moving between our concrete canyons.

For over 40 years, Yakima has delivered an extensive range of accessorie­s designed and manufactur­ed to carry whatever essentials you need to make the most of your great escape.

Roof racks, a roof top tent, bike carriers, kayak carriers or fishing rod carriers... the adventures are endless when you can carry your gear with confidence.

Yakima believe you should spend more time enjoying the adventures, and less time packing your gear.

Given New Zealand’s love affair with recreation­al vehicles, be they hardcore 4x4s or the ‘softer’ all road capable SUV, the range of products Yakima has developed over its history allows anyone and everyone to create their own adventure wagon.

With all the gear available through Yakima’s extensive catalogue, adventurin­g Kiwis are free to follow their passions, roll up serious km’s doing awesome stuff and haul a heap of gear in the pursuit of recreation.

With dealers throughout New Zealand, a Yakima expert can help you get your recreation­al vehicle adventure-ready this summer.

Take it easy with Yakima. For more informatio­n visit

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 ?? ?? Photo courtesy of Yakima Rack Pack ambassador @jakub_kanok_dtd
Photo courtesy of Yakima Rack Pack ambassador @jakub_kanok_dtd

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