Redarc’s BCDC range just got bigger


There’s nothing better than packing up your truck and escaping it all for a few days. Whether you’re after cold drinks in wilderness or need to charge your devices, if you want to power off-grid adventures, having a reliable DC to DC charger to keep your battery charged is critical. Without charge going back into your battery, not only is your time off-grid is limited, but you also run the risk of draining your start battery and impacting its lifespan.

What you may not know, however, is that Redarc’s DC to DC battery charging range just got a whole lot bigger. Featuring Redarc’s trusted battery charging technology, the BCDC now comes in two models, the BCDC Classic and the brand-new BCDC Core.

For a unit that can handle anything you can throw at it, the BCDC Classic is the charger for you. Featuring fully sealed electronic­s, the BCDC Classic is the same rugged, everything proof charger you’re familiar with, just with a new name. It’s perfect for engine bay installati­ons, water crossings, mud pits and wild weather. If you can encounter it on the road or off it, the BCDC Classic will get you through it.

Alternativ­ely, power up for less with the new BCDC Core range. The Core is ideal for caravans, canopies, battery boxes or in-cabin installati­ons. Hide it under seats, behind a side panel or tuck it away in an unused section of the canopy.

As the next evolution of the proven Redarc BCDC platform, it’s compact, silent, and proven to perform.

All chargers in RRedarc’s BCDC range are lithium ready and feature an in-built MPPT solar regulator. With Green Power Priority as standard, Redarc’s BCDCs will take power from solar as a priority before using supplement­ary power from the vehicle’s alternator when available.

Built to be compact, quiet, and reliable, the BCDC range is designed, tested, and manufactur­ed in Australia and, like Redarc’s whole product range, are backed by our market leading technical support and REDNetwork certified installer network.

Learn more about the BCDC Core at: redarcelec­

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