South Is­land wool sale


PRICES con­tin­ued to fluc­tu­ate for most styles at this week’s South Is­land wool sale in Christchurch, which had one of the largest of­fer­ings of the sea­son.

Af­ter tak­ing a cor­rec­tion from the last sale, cross­bred wools had re­bounded to where they were two sales ago, PGG Wright­son Wool’s South Is­land sales team said.

Mid­mi­cron styles had also stead­ied af­ter show­ing vul­ner­a­bil­ity in re­cent sales and, while they might have come off a lofty height, re­turns to grow­ers re­mained at gen­er­a­tional highs.

An ex­cel­lent of­fer­ing of merino wool at­tracted strong in­ter­est from buy­ers, but price lev­els re­flected the cor­rec­tion shown in re­cent sales in Aus­tralia, es­pe­cially for finer wools.

Roger Fuller, of CP Wool, said cross­bred wools show­ing dis­coloura­tion were con­sid­er­ably cheaper, which was con­cern­ing, lead­ing into sum­mer shear­ing.

A range of prices.—

R W and A J Nay­lor (Omakau), five bales strong quar­ter­bred hogget, AAA, 20 mi­cron, 75.2% yield, 1855 greasy, 2467 clean; Rock­lands Sta­tion (Otago), 46 bales rom­ney hogget AA, 36.1 mi­cron, 77.8% yield, 265 greasy, 341 clean; Homestead Or­gan­ics (Gore), six bales cross­bred hogget AA, 35.5 mi­cron, 74% yield, 253 greasy, 342 clean; Ar­mi­dale Ltd (Ran­furly), two bales fine half­bred hogget AAA, 22.2 mi­cron, 73.9 mi­cron, 1660 greasy, 2246 clean; Linnburn Sta­tion (Ran­furly), 23 bales fine half­bred hogget AA, 22.1 mi­cron, 73.5% yield, 1660 greasy, 2259 clean; D and S Hunter Ltd (Palmer­ston), 21 bales Rom­ney AA, 37.5 mi­cron, 83.1% yield, 286 greasy, 344 clean; Close­burn Sta­tion (Ran­furly), six bales fine Cor­riedale AA, 25.4 mi­cron, 71.4% yield, 1100 greasy, 1541 clean; D P Ny­hon Hold­ings Ltd (Wanaka), 15 bales fine half­bred hogget 4A, 22.5 mi­cron, 74.3% yield, 1614 greasy, 2172 clean; Barn Heugh Trust (Lawrence), 13 bales Rom­ney hogget AA, 35.2 mi­cron, 74.5% yield, 254 greasy, 341 clean; R R and R E Ni­chol (Roxburgh), 20 bales cross­bred AA, 34.6 mi­cron, 75% yield, 270 greasy, 360 clean; Hawk­dun Pas­toral Ltd (Oture­hua), 47 bales medium cross­bred AA, 34.3 mi­cron, 76% yield, 285 greasy, 375 clean; D J Andrew and Co (ran­furly), four bales fine half­bred AA, 25.7 mi­cron, 71.4% yield, 1100 greasy, 1541 clean; Malvern Downs Ltd (Cromwell), four bales fine merino hogget 4A, 16.3 mi­cron, 69.5% yield, 2220 greasy, 3194 clean; R K And B A Black­ler (Roxburgh), five bales merino hogget 4A, 17 mi­cron, 70.4% yield, 2195 greasy, 3118 clean; Ar­mi­dale Ltd, 15 bales merino hogget 4A, 17.5 mi­cron, 72.3% yield, 2150 greasy, 2974 clean; Spotts Creek Sta­tion (Wanaka), five bales ex­tra fine merino 4A, 17.8 mi­cron, 72% yield, 2099 greasy, 2915 clean; E and A John­stone (Cen­tral Otago), five bales Pol­warth, 19.6 mi­cron, 73.7% yield, 1865 greasy, 2530 clean; Longslip Sta­tion (Omarama), 10 bales merino, 17.1 mi­cron, 72.3% yield, 2267 greasy, 3135 clean; The Hec­tors Ltd (North Otago), 11 bales merino, 17.1 mi­cron, 76.9% yield, 2395 greasy, 3114 clean; R L Wat­son (Roxburgh), six bales merino, 15.9 mi­cron, 74.8% yield, 2720 greasy, 3636 clean, five bales merino, 16.5 mi­cron, 76.2% yield, 2540 greasy, 3333 clean, three bales merino, 16.7 mi­cron, 74.9% yield, 2465 greasy, 3291 clean.

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