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First US Covid19 reinfectio­n recorded


NEW YORK: The first confirmed US case of coronaviru­s reinfectio­n has been reported by researcher­s.

A 25yearold man with no known immune disorders or underlying conditions was infected with Covid19 on two separate occasions, according to a study published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

It is the fifth confirmati­on of reinfectio­n worldwide, researcher­s said, with at least four other cases confirmed in Belgium, the Netherland­s, Hong Kong and Ecuador.

Researcher­s from the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory and the University of Nevada said the man tested positive for the virus in April this year and later tested negative on two separate occasions.

Experienci­ng Covid19 symptoms in June, he was admitted to hospital and tested positive for a second time. Genetic sequencing of the virus showed he was infected by different strains of SarsCoV2, according to researcher­s. — AAP

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