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Make veges the hero


ROSA and Margo Flanagan are on a mission to get Kiwis to think about food differentl­y.

They want people to start with plants and then add meat, fish, dairy, poultry or tofu, rather than the other way around.

‘‘It’s quick and easy, with minimal meal preparatio­n and time and using few dishes.’’

All Eaters Welcome is the followup to their first cookbook, Two Raw Sisters, which was released last year.

‘‘Neither of us are vegan or vegetarian, and we love all kinds of food. But we are firm believers in creating a lifestyle based around eating a majority of plants and whole, unprocesse­d raw ingredient­s.’’

They have continued their method of using costeffect­ive unprocesse­d raw ingredient­s that can be found in most home pantries. They include a handy ‘‘starter pack’’ of common ingredient­s used in their recipes and what they are.

‘‘We will show you new and inventive ways to make these basics taste more fun exciting and delicious. There are no rules. The kitchen can be a stressful place for a lot of people due to all of the dos and don’ts around food.’’

They say their recipes do not require people to be a slave to measuring cups and spoons and they urge people to have confidence and trust in themselves in the kitchen to use ingredient­s that are in season or ones they like.

There are chapters on breakfasts, snacks, mains and desserts as well as a good section on salads that are lunchboxwo­rthy.

‘‘Most of the salads last three to five days in the fridge, making them great to make at the start of the week to have for your work lunches or a quick dinner.’’


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