Otago Daily Times

Teachers’ salary increases


THE Minister of Education, Hon C.J. Parr, announced today the expected increases to teachers’ salaries. Mr Parr stated that there were over 7000 teachers concerned. The Minister of Finance, Mr Massey, had been able to give him a quarter of a million pounds this year for additions to teachers’ salaries. In distributi­ng this money he had given special considerat­ion to the future of the profession, as well as to the present necessitie­s. His main object had been to make the teaching profession more attractive to young people. He had given considerat­ion to

the interests of the country child. Over 30 percent of the children were being taught in country schools, largely staffed by uncertific­ated teachers. He desired to remedy this evil. By better pay he hoped to induce the able assistant to go to the country. The department would increase the capitation to the backblock schools to £15 per head per annum. The salaries of schools of Grades I, II and III (average attendance ranging from 9 to 120) had been materially increased. These increases ranged from £70 to a maximum of £120 for the last two years.

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