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WHAT a lovely photo in today’s Otago Daily Times of our National leader Judith Collins kneeling down at a local church and quietly praying to the Lord (ODT, 5.10.20). I do hope Crusher went to confession first.

K. Hale St Kilda

THE pistolpack­ing and Godfearing images of National’s leader, Judith Collins, alarmingly, are straight out of the moral compass of the American Bible Belt.

R. Hogan Waikouaiti

IF, as Mike Houlahan suggests (ODT, 10.10.20), Judith Collins’ campaign should focus more on punch than process, would it then be called the Punchin’ Judy Show?

Max Reid Mornington

WITH regard to Judith’s shameless Trumpesque photo op chatting with God; did the photograph­er ‘‘accidental­ly’’ leave their voice recorder running and may we have a copy of the transcript please?

Peter Clarke Queenstown

EUTHANASIA: it’s a conundrum. I know my doctor is passionate­ly opposed and anyway I couldn’t in all conscience ask him to assist me to die. But then any doctor who would, I wouldn’t let anywhere near me. Now I wonder if he would prescribe me Pharmacsub­sidised marijuana for a pain inmy...

Rex Alexander Dalmore

YOU know what? I don’t know what National’s policies are, because all I ever hear is Judith Collins talking about the opposition!

Mark Hadida Wanaka

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