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Dunedin District Court


SENTENCES imposed by Judge Michael Crosbie in the Dunedin District Court yesterday were. —

Kaleb Nikolao FordeFrase­r (22), of Dunedin, assault with intent to injure (arguments between FordeFrase­r and victim early November 10 last year resulted in FordeFrase­r headbuttin­g her, striking her on the nose, resulting in severe bleeding, extensive swelling and broken nose), three months’ community detention (curfewed 8pm7am daily), six months’ supervisio­n. Judge noted probation report positive, indicated ‘‘something of a background’’, FordeFrase­r assessed as having low likelihood of reoffendin­g; judge also noted it was FordeFrase­r’s second time before the court on a matter of violence, said he was a young man, ‘‘still maturing . . . a lot of growing up to do yet’’.

Lenin Shaun Sebastian Matahaere (32), of Dunedin, possessing offensive weapon (tomahawk) in circumstan­ces showing intent to use it to commit offence involving threat of violence, Mornington, about 12.30pm, July 13, three months’ community detention (curfewed 8pm7am daily), 18 months’ intensive supervisio­n (with judicial monitoring), order for destructio­n tomahawk. Public defender Alan de Jager said Matahaere pleaded guilty at first opportune moment, had mental difficulti­es ‘‘especially after lockdown’’, wanted to engage in restorativ­e justice but it did not go ahead. Judge noted Matahaere unwell on the day, had issue with medication, in much better shape now.

Alicia Corina Mathieson (43), of Dunedin, two breaches intensive supervisio­n (living at address where directed not to, and failed to report to probation), October 8, three months’ jail (intensive supervisio­n, imposed September 30, to remain in place).

Sentenced by Judge Jim Large were. —

Steven Alan James Robinson (40), selfemploy­ed, of Dunedin, assaulting person with whom in family relationsh­ip (victim his wife; Robinson arrived home about 8.30am, June 28, after being out drinking alcohol the previous night; victim arrived home about 12.30pm to hear yelling in house;

Robinson argued with their son, stormed off to his room, soon after came up behind victim in kitchen, verbally abused her, argument between the two; Robinson stood on victim’s foot to keep her from moving, got up in her face, pushed her in chest with both hands, lost his balance, fell, yelled at victim; about 1.20pm when victim at front door leaving to take one of their children somewhere, Robinson grabbed her by ponytail, pulled her back, again swearing and verbally abusing her; when victim arrived back home a further argument, while she standing in hallway Robinson told her to get of of his house, grabbed her on shoulder from behind, tried to push her out door; their children saw, upset), 80 hours’ community work, 12 months’ supervisio­n (includes requiremen­t not to possess or use alcohol or any drug not prescribed to him). Judge noted restorativ­e justice positive, potential for Robinson and wife to reconcile; told him domestic violence ‘‘bad . . . you need to be aware prison a possibilit­y if you reoffend’’.

Jamie Andrew Wright (26), employed, of Dunedin, disqualifi­ed driving, Hanover St, about 7.50pm, July 3, 12 months’ supervisio­n, no disqualifi­cation (special reasons). Judge noted Wright had previous conviction­s for driving when banned.

Levon Grant Wallace (28), process worker, of Dunedin, breaching release condition (entered suburb he was not to), September 7, sentence deferred nine months. Public defender Karlena Lawrence said offence not premeditat­ed, for family reason, Wallace in suburb only 16 minutes.

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