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Rooster racket may lead to bylaw review


THOSE who enjoy keeping a rooster in town could be in for a rude awakening from the Dunedin City Council.

The council will decide if it will review rules on keeping roosters after a batch of noise complaints from notsoearly­risers.

It received 34 complaints, mainly about roosters crowing in or close to residentia­l areas in the past year, prompting staff to suggest reviewing the council’s Keeping of Animals (excluding Dogs) and Birds Bylaw five years early.

In a report for councillor­s to consider on Tuesday staff suggest options that could be considered in a review could include banning roosters from residentia­l areas or requiring permits for owners.

A review could also be an opportunit­y to address issues with cats, staff said, noting councils were ‘‘somewhat limited’’ in their ability to make bylaws for cat control.

But where there was evidence of nuisance issues with cats and no other legislativ­e options for dealing with them, some other local authoritie­s have considered limiting the number of cats per property, their report says.

They also note there had been nuisance complaints about pigs, horses and bees.

The report said any review would involve consultati­on.

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