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Britain confirms visa offer


LONDON: Britain has confirmed details of its route to citizenshi­p for almost three million people in its former colony Hong Kong, saying there would be no quota on numbers and a fiveyear visa would cost £250 ($NZ489) per person.

Britain made the offer to those with British National (Overseas) status and their dependants in July after declaring China had broken the terms of a 1984 handover treaty by imposing a new security law.

China then threatened to withdraw its recognitio­n of BN(O) passports held by Hong Kong residents.

An economic impact assessment said there could be up to 1 million visa applicatio­ns from BN(O) status holders from 202125, as many as 500,000 in the first year, but it is expected the actual numbers will be far lower.

The offer is open to BN(O)s who are usually resident in Hong Kong, from January 31. —


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