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The Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill is due to end the tenure review process which began in 1998.

Tenure review has allowed those farming land leased from the Crown to negotiate giving up parts of their properties for conservati­on purposes, and obtain freehold title over other parts.

So far, 133 of the 165 Crown pastoral leases have completed the review process, with 28 still in the process. They are: Dunstan Downs, Erewhon, Glen Lyon, Glenaray Station, Whitecomb (Otago), Glenmore, Godley Peaks, Lake Taylor, Lowburn Valley, Omahau Hill, Sawdon, Shenley, Simons Pass, Twin Peaks, Stony Creek, The Grampians, The Lakes, Walter Peak, Awapiri, Beaumont (Otago), Mt Burke, Minaret, Huxley Gorge Pt 106, Huxley Gorge Pt 139, Ferintosh, The Dasher, Island Hills, Mt Hope.

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