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Serious fire at Evening Star


A SUDDEN serious outbreak of fire occurred in the upper story of the Star office just before noon on Saturday and much damage was done, chiefly by water, before it was got under control by the City and South Dunedin Brigades. The outbreak occurred in the process blockmakin­g room, which is situated just above the stereotypi­ng room on the third floor, and which contains a quantity of photograph­ic material. There was no one using the room, and at present no satisfacto­ry explanatio­n can be given of how it originated or how it obtained such a

powerful hold before it was discovered.

When the brigade arrived, the flames were shooting high above the roof and could be seen a long way off. In about a quarter of an hour, after a strenuous fight, the firemen had the flames under control. Fortunatel­y, the machinery has practicall­y escaped, but large stocks of paper have been damaged. It was at first thought that the issue of the city edition of the Star would be jeopardise­d, but strenuous efforts were made by all hands in clearing up, and although a little late, the paper was issued as usual to its many readers.

was speaking of the “terrible responsibi­lity” which anyone who knew city conditions must realise rested on each one to reach a helping hand to those who needed it. In many cases that had been brought under his notice, said Mr Moreton, people were living in open adultery, and it was sometimes the children who had been neglected that they had to care for in their orphanages.

the community . . . really dangerous criminals are kept within the four walls of the central prisons. Escapes occasional­ly take place from such places, as they do from the strongest of prisons in other countries, but if such escapes are due in any way to the carelessne­ss or negligence of prison officers, condign punishment follows.”

 ??  ?? The fishing industry at The Nuggets, South Otago. — Otago Witness, 12.10.1920.
The fishing industry at The Nuggets, South Otago. — Otago Witness, 12.10.1920.

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