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A guide to bball’s fast and physical younger sibling


WHAT exactly is 3x3 basketball?

In simple terms it is basketball with three players, rather than five.

But there is a bit more to the abbreviate­d version of the game, which will be on show at the National Basketball League’s inaugural 3x3 tournament in Invercargi­ll over the next three days.

It is played in the halfcourt, meaning just one hoop is used.

among that group and that would be key.

Timmins, a former under18 3x3 world champion, would look to utilise that.

He possesses a handy outside shot himself and provides a strong inside presence.

But getting the ball to his teammates on the perimeter was key, particular­ly given the

Rather than running to the other end, the team picking up possession has to take the ball outside the threepoint line before it can score.

Shots inside the arc are worth one point and outside the arc are worth two.

That means long shots have more value in a 3x3 game, being worth double a closer shot rather being worth only 50% more.

Free throws are still worth one point, too, increasing their value on a regular game as well.

faster switch between offence and defence.

‘‘I feel like I’m a really good passer.

‘‘A massive part of 3x3 is getting the ball out of the net or just on a rebound and being able to turn around and locate your shooters, whip it out and they shoot it.

‘‘Either you get a rebound or

Games go for 10 minutes, or until a team reaches 21 points — whichever comes first.

The ball is different too — the same size women normally play with, but the weight of a men’s ball.

It makes for a fast, physical and, at times, very different game to basketball’s full version.

New Zealand has had plenty of success in the format since its inception over the past decade.

In 2011 and 2015 it won under18 men’s world titles and last

you get ready for a seal or they make it and you’re ready to play defence again.

‘‘It’s a massive challenge in terms of your basketball IQ, so I love that as well.’’

The Nuggets play their first game tonight at 9.03pm against the Manawatu Jets.

They face the Taranaki Mountainai­rs, Hawke’s Bay Hawks year it finished second to the United States at the under18 women’s world championsh­ips.

It will also feature at the next Olympic and Commonweal­th Games.

The NBL tournament, beginning at 6.30pm today, has both men’s and women’s competitio­ns.

Each has 10 teams and will run alongside each other.

Tomorrow and Saturday will have sessions from noon until 4pm, as well as 6.30pm until 10.30pm.

and Tasman Suns tomorrow, before Saturday’s playoffs.

Southland fans will also have a team to support in the men’s competitio­n, as the Southland Sharks take the court.

They have signed a starstudde­d roster consisting of Alex Pledger, Hyrum Harris, Dom KelmanPoto and Alonzo Burton.

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