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Steamship Company leaving


Time brings its inexorable changes, and however these changes may be regretted by those who survey a past of which they have every reason to be proud, it is inevitable that owing to a system of gradual centralisa­tion companies as well as individual­s will be caught in the current. By reason of its position in the southern part of the South Island of the dominion , the City of Dunedin stands to lose more of its pristine commercial glory than other of the chief centres of population;

indeed, in view of the continual claims of its younger and more aggressive competitor­s, it is a tribute to the character and calibre of those who guide their business destinies that Dunedin and Otago have, in the progressio­n of years, surrendere­d so little. Neverthele­ss, it is not without a pang of severe regret that the people of this city can contemplat­e the apparently intended removal to Wellington of the headquarte­rs of the Union Steamship Company. It is 45 years since the company was formed, starting its operations with a fleet of five small steamers, aggregatin­g only 2126 tons, and during a period of close upon half a century the expansion of the company has synchronis­ed with the growth and developmen­t of Otago.

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