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It is time for Labour to take the lead on addressing inequality


I AGREE with P. Hayward (Letters, 13.11.20), in hoping that the Labour Government has the courage to take decisive action to tackle the inequaliti­es in our society.

The housing market would be a good place to begin, and P. Hayward’s suggestion could be a starting point for discussion on tax reform.

How can the Prime Minister refer to our ‘‘team of five million’’ when a large proportion of the population finds it hard to survive because of the growing gap between the rich and the poor? We don’t want the ‘‘new normal’’ to be worse than it was preCovid19. Labour may lose its big majority at the next election if it fails to act on this serious problem.

Kathleen Kenrick


National politics

SO, the Nats take a page out of the Trump book of ‘‘lies and misinforma­tion’’ by putting out a paid advertisem­ent on Facebook prior to the election stating that the Green Party would introduce a wealth tax and those people would be $140 a week worse off.

The whole thing was basically a lie, and through misinforma­tion it was an attempt to sow seeds of doubt in people’s minds, as per the Trump copybook — you say lies often enough, someone will listen sooner or later.

Judith Collins apparently just ‘‘shrugged the whole thing off’’, an attitude that does not surprise me but that I still find reprehensi­ble.

We have all seen the ensuing chaos and anger overseas that comes from playing these games, and I would like to think New Zealand is better than that.

It’s a slippery slope, once these sorts of things are allowed to happen. There needs to be a penalty, and a severe one, available to deter such gutter politics here.

Graham Bulman


Same old story

AN old adage notes that ‘‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’’.

In an election debate between the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, the cost of housing was a significan­t issue, as it had gone up by 50% in three years under Labour. Young people, especially, were struggling to buy a home.

The Government needed to stop property speculatio­n. It was also alleged that there were too many immigrants.

The Prime Minister was Bill Rowling. The Leader of the Opposition was Robert Muldoon. The year was 1975 — some 45 years ago.

I’m sure both parties had a plan to bring things under control. Whatever happened to their plans?

Gerrard Eckhoff

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BIBLE READING: Many who are first will be last, and the last first. — Matthew 19.30.

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