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Obituaries editor

WHO is worthy of an obituary on this page?

That is a question we ask ourselves every week, and the answer is not always obvious.

Prominent community figures, politician­s, educators, literary heavyweigh­ts, businesspe­ople, sporting stars, television and movie and music personalit­ies — they are the bread and butter of an obituaries page.

But what about the woman who volunteere­d at a charitable organisati­on for 20 years? What about that longservin­g teacher? What about the bloke who invented stuff in his shed? What about your grandmothe­r who was a life member of five clubs?

We want this page to do a better job reflecting the lives of the people in the South.

So, we need to have more obituaries for ordinary people, for want of a better word. And we need to have more

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