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Back in the saddle

- Lucy Wilkins is a communicat­ions specialist with ACC.

‘‘I just wanted to get on a bike as soon as possible, partly because I love biking, and I just felt I needed to get back physically what I had lost, but also just to get out in the fresh air and get going again.

‘‘It wasn’t something I was fearful of. I just knew it was necessary for me to jump back on those two wheels and get going, which is what I did.’’

For Cornish, biking and music share similariti­es.

‘‘I love the struggle of biking, I love biking up hills, and there is, to me, a sense of struggle in playing music as well. Sometimes its physical, in fact, mostly it’s physical.

‘‘Playing the oboe has never been easy for anybody. And I think I’ve always liked that physical challenge.

‘‘For me it’s definitely like overcoming a problem, it’s like being victorious in an activity, overcoming a real sense of ‘this is hard’, and I like being able to do that and succeeding.’’

And succeed he has, taking his seat on stage once again.

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