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Super quiz


BEGINNER (1pt each)

➊ Whereabout­s in New Zealand is Matiu or Somes Island?

➋ What is the name of the seismic fault line which runs through California and is responsibl­e for most of the state’s earthquake­s?

➌ Who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest against taxes levied by her husband, the Earl of Mercia?

INTERMEDIA­TE (2pt each)

➍ Who was lead singer of Motown group The Miracles for all their big 1960s hit records?

➎ Which South American country both hosted and won the first football World Cup, in 1930?

➏ Which horse won this year’s Melbourne Cup?

➐ Who became New Zealand’s first Governor in 1841?

EXPERT (3pt each)

➑ What was the alias of Baroness Orczy’s swashbuckl­ing fictional character Sir Percy Blakeney?

➒ What was the name of the New Zealand protester who died in controvers­ial circumstan­ces during an antiracism protest in London in 1979?

➓ Which vintage television comedian popularise­d the catchphras­es ‘‘Hello, honky tonk’’ and ‘‘Ooh, you are awful — but I like you’’?

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