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Earthquake shakes lower North Island


WHANGANUI: A 5.2 tremor which caused homes to ‘‘jump’’ rocked the lower half of the North Island early on Saturday.

GeoNet says the quake, which was located 35km west of Ohakune, in the volcanic Central Plateau, struck at 1.43am, at a depth of 127km.

Those in the affected regions said there was roar before shaking which lasted up to 45 seconds.

People took to social media to describe the moment the early morning quake struck, saying there was initially a sharp jolt, followed by a series of shakes.

Geoff Blackmore, of Taumarunui, described a thrust that violently rattled his home.

‘‘It was a sharp jolt that made the house jump, followed by one minute and five seconds of very gentle swaying,’’ he posted on social media.

Dave Martin said he was woken by the quake when his house started ‘‘rocking like crazy’’.

Katrina Parker, of Palmerston North, posted she was also woken from a good sleep when it hit.

‘‘It was weird. A sharp jolt, then a pause, then a few shakes. Was waiting for more but glad there wasn’t more. Dam, [sic] I was having a good sleep too.’’

More than 3000 people reported feeling the tremor. — Whanganui Chronicle

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