Otago Daily Times

Ionic brings fine immigrants


OUR Wellington correspond­ent wires that the Ionic which arrived in the harbour on Sunday, disembarke­d her passengers yesterday, and, judging from appearance­s, she brought a fine lot of immigrants. Out of 650 who stepped ashore, 201 were nominated, and 210 came out under the Imperial Overseas Settlement Scheme. There were only 26 domestic servants, and these all had places to go to before landing. There is still an extraordin­ary dearth of domestic help in Wellington, and some of the domestics who have arrived were not

of a very desirable class, but as to whether these were selected by the New Zealand authoritie­s in London or not could not easily be ascertaine­d. The Government some time ago sent home a man to specially deal with immigratio­n in London, but so far as domestic servants are concerned, the general opinion is that only a woman could adequately deal with the problem. The majority of the immigrants who landed today were women and children.

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