Otago Daily Times

Prohibitio­n on pistols


Wellington: Regulation­s under the Arms Act have been issued. They are to come into operation on January 1 next. Applicatio­n for permission to carry a pistol beyond the home must be made to the police on a special form. It must state the purpose for which the weapon is required, and must be accompanie­d by a recommenda­tion from some other person. The holder of a licence to carry a pistol must notify the police of

any change of address. No person is to be permitted to import arms, ammunition, or explosives without a permit issued by the police. Applicatio­n for such a permit is to specify the articles proposed to be imported. The permit to buy firearms, ammunition, or explosives must be obtained by an applicatio­n to the police, and will be good for a period of six days only.

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