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TODAY is Monday, November 23, the 328th day of 2020. There are 38 days left in the year. Highlights in history on this date:

1847 — The first Scottish settlers bound for the Otago Associatio­n’s site in New Zealand leave on Philip Laing from Greenock.

John Wickliffe leaves Gravesend the next day. 1867 — The Auckland Acclimatis­ation Society begins to import sparrows and starlings.

1873 — Designed by the architect Robert Lawson, Dunedin’s First Church is opened.

1918 — This is the date the influenza pandemic reached its peak mortality in New Zealand. The second and more deadly wave of a new strain of influenza arrived in New Zealand a month earlier and by the end of the year an estimated 9000 people throughout the country had died. Worldwide the pandemic was responsibl­e for at least 50 million deaths.

1947 — A civic funeral is held for the victims of the Ballantyne’s fire and the service is broadcast on radio nationwide. They are buried at Ruru lawn cemetery.

1963 — The BBC broadcasts An Unearthly

Child (starring William Hartnell), the first episode of the first story from the first series of Doctor Who, which is now the world's longest running science fiction drama.

1979 — In Dublin, Thomas McMahon is sentenced to life in prison for the assassinat­ion of Earl Mountbatte­n, cousin of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

1981 — Ronald Reagan signs the top secret National Security Decision Directive 17 (NSDD17), giving the Central Intelligen­ce Agency the authority to recruit and support Contra rebels in Nicaragua. It became known as the Iran–Contra affair.

1986 — On the second day of his threeday visit to New Zealand Pope John Paul II battles with Wellington’s wind as he presides over a twoandahal­fhour Mass for 25,000 people at Athletic Park. The blustery wind made microphone­s roar, billowed the pope’s vestments and blew over a crucifix, microphone and a music stand.

1992 — The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, is introduced at Comdex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1999 — Kuwait’s Parliament rejects a decree giving women the right to vote and run for office.

2001 — The UN war crimes tribunal charges Slobodan Milosevic with genocide in Bosnia in its third and gravest indictment against the former Yugoslav leader.

2006 — More than 10 days after icebergs were first spotted off the Otago coast, a ‘‘bergspotti­ng’’ craze takes off, and many people queue up for scenic flights over the icebergs at $275 per trip; former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko dies in a London hospital, three weeks after he was poisoned in what friends said was a plot by the Kremlin.

2007 —MV Explorer hits an iceberg in Antarctic waters, near the South Shetland Islands, below Cape Horn. All 154 passengers and crew, including two from Dunedin, board lifeboats before the vessel sinks, but spend a chilly five hours in freezing temperatur­es before being rescued.

2009 — The Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest atomsmashe­r, makes another leap forward by circulatin­g beams of protons in opposite directions at the same time, causing the first particle collisions in the machine following extensive repairs.

2015 — Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle becomes the first rocket to successful­ly fly to space and then return to Earth for a controlled, vertical landing.

2016 — Civil Defence evacuates residents from Goose Bay, south of Kaikoura, when a landslip resulting from the recent 7.8magnitude earthquake creates a dam upstream from a nearby creek, raising concerns that the large body of backedup water will be released if the dam is breached.

Today’s birthdays:

John Payne, New Zealand politician (18711942); Blanche Carnachan, New Zealand educationa­list/community worker (18711954); Friedrich Wohnsiedle­r, New Zealand orchardist/viticultur­ist/winemaker (18791958); Ernest Alfred Adams, New Zealand baker/businessma­n/philanthro­pist (18921976); Delmont Gullery, New

Zealand rowing coxswain (190582); William HartSmith, New Zealand/ Australian poet (191190); Doug Coombs, New Zealand mineralogi­st/petrologis­t (19242016); Tui Flower, New Zealand food writer (19252017); Rex Pickering, All Black (19362016); Sharon O’Neill, New Zealand singer/songwriter (1952); Bruce Hornsby, US singer (1954); Peter Hambleton, New Zealander actor (1960); Mojo Mathers, New Zealand politician (1966); Vincent Cassel, French actor (1966); Oded Fehr, Israelibor­n actor (1970); Joeli Vidiri, All Black (1973); Campbell Banks, New Zealand football internatio­nal (1978); Holly Shanahan, New Zealand actress (1981);

Miley Cyrus, American actress and singer


Quote of the day

‘‘Susan, an only child who never had any roots, and I, a lone wolf who got married 20 years too late, were adopted by the kids as much as they were by us’’. — Harpo Marx, US comedianac­tor, who was born on this day in 1888. He died in 1964, aged 75.

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