Otago Daily Times

Ferry collides with yacht


AUCKLAND: A Fullers GreatSight­s ferry hit troubled waters on Saturday after colliding with a yacht near Opua in Northland.

The yacht appears to have gone under RV Arawhiti’s ramp between 6pm and 7pm in the Veronica Channel.

Noone appears to have been injured.

Fullers GreatSight­s general manager Sam Peate said a full review of the incident was under way, but initial indication­s showed the ferry had right of way and ‘‘took all possible attempts to avoid the contact’’.

The only damage to the ferry was some paint scratches and the reason for the ferry being out of service yesterday morning was mechanical issues unrelated to the crash, he said.

Nearby resident Cherrie Ellis said the ferry horn was sounded about six times.

Both vessels were under motor before they crashed, she said.

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