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TV host’s lost laptop appeal


IT was not until he got home that Matt Chisholm realised his laptop, and the 72,000 words he had spent months writing on it, had disappeare­d.

Then the television host remembered placing the computer on the roof of his car at Queenstown Airport yesterday afternoon. That was not much help to him an hour away at his farm in Chatto Creek.

‘‘I swore about 20 times,’’ he said, when he realised.

He is now appealing for the return of his laptop, which contains the only full draft of the autobiogra­phy he has been writing for the past two months.

Mr Chisholm arrived at Queenstown Airport yesterday after a weekend away, put the black satchel containing his MacBook on the roof of his car while he dug his keys out of his suitcase and put the suitcase inside. He then drove off.

Once he realised what had occurred, he called the airport and its CCTV confirmed the laptop was still on his car when he reached a nearby roundabout.

He drove back to Queenstown last night, retracing his steps, but had failed to find it.

He had half of the draft saved on a hard drive, but the rest could be gone for good.

Now, he was hoping someone had found the laptop. He was also planning to offer some kind of reward.

‘‘It means a whole lot more to me than just a laptop.’’

Anyone with informatio­n could contact him at matt.chisholm42@gmail.com

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