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Super quiz


BEGINNER (1 pt each)

➊ Which Swedish pop group became an internatio­nal sensation after winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest?

➋ To the nearest half a million people, what is the population of New Zealand?

➌ Which major transport link is situated in the Wellington suburb of Rongotai?

INTERMEDIA­TE (2 pts each)

➍ Which rapper had a hit in 2004 when he declared he had ‘‘99 problems’’?

➎ Which major 1990s corruption inquiry is commonly named for the containers in which documents relating to it were brought into Parliament?

➏ Which Canadian ice hockey team holds the record for most wins in the North American NHL?

➐ In which 1999 movie did young actor Haley Joel Osment say the muchquoted line ‘‘I see dead people’’?

EXPERT (3 pts each)

➑ Which fictional character appears in three Shakespear­e plays, is mentioned in a fourth and lends his name to operas by both Verdi and Salieri?

➒ Which alcoholic drink, originally from Japan, has a Japanese name meaning ‘‘green’’?

➓ Which former political party, a forerunner of the Maori Party, was founded by Matiu Rata in 1979?

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