Otago Daily Times

Lead in water


As a water scientist back in the day, the ball has been dropped on the testing side of things here. You don’t mess around with heavy metals and people’s wellbeing. — Shelley Davies

Something nasty up that river. Shouldn’t be too hard to find, surely. I smell something rotten. — Pat Kedzlie

This needs a full inquiry as something smells, and it’s not the water! Who is this independen­t drinking water adviser who seems to have given the health board the advice not to act? — Vicky Frost

They’ve known for six months and only now do they try to look like they care. — Mike Williams

Must be heaps of lead in the water if they can see it from a helicopter. — Peter Kirk

We need to be told what the high lead levels were with dates. Have we received an apology yet? Who will pay the costs for doctors’ fees for the residents who need to be tested or treated? — Lorna WatkinsDoo­ley

Who can think of a good reason not to tell people about the lead in drinking water? — Joseph Sparrow

My god. This is the worst. Where is the trust? — Jacqueline Osgood Jensen

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