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Throttle problem found


Jakarta: A malfunctio­ning automatic throttle may have caused the pilots of a Sriwijaya Air jet to lose control, leading to the plane’s plunge into the Java Sea last month, Indonesian investigat­ors say.

National Transporta­tion Safety Committee investigat­ors said they were still struggling to understand why the Boeing jet nosedived into the water minutes after taking off from Jakarta on January 9, killing all 62 people on board.

The investigat­ors yesterday issued a preliminar­y report providing new details of the pilots’ struggle to fly the plane from almost as soon as it became airborne.

Lead investigat­or Nurcahyo Utomo said the left engine throttle lever had reduced its power output just before the jet plunged into the sea.

Pilots of previous flights had reported problems with the automatic throttle system on the 26yearold jet, he said. —AP

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