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Learning difference between ‘f’ and ‘wh’ sounds


THANK you, Brian Taylor (Letters, 4.2.21), for your letter about an ‘‘f’’ in Whakatipu.

I have for years said that the ‘‘wh’’ should be not pronounced ‘‘f’’ but ‘‘wh’’ as in where and when.

The Maori language is phonetic — it was written down by the missionari­es, and words are pronounced exactly as they are written.

Ohau is just that — ‘‘o how’’ not ‘‘or ho’’. Taupo is ‘‘tour po’’ not ‘‘toe por’’.

I think New Zealand should take notice of Sir Tipene O’Regan’s comment (ODT, 28.1.21) on this subject when he pointed out that ‘‘wh’’ is very soft and similar to ‘‘whisper’’ or ‘‘wheels’’.

I remember many years ago, between 1974 and 1988, seeing Canterbury University journalism lecturer Brian Priestly on his television programme Newstand, later renamed Fourth Estate,

when he commented on the ‘‘wh’’ sound not being ‘‘f’’.

I cringe each time I hear television newsreader­s and reporters thinking they are doing it correctly.

Brenda Robinson

Andersons Bay

Off the grid

AARON Hawkins’ comments directed at Lee Vandervis’ suggestion that future builds be less reliant on the current infrastruc­ture — Mr Hawkins described it as being something of a ‘‘survivalis­t fantasy’’ that tends to be promoted by ‘‘landgrabbi­ng libertaria­ns keen to do whatever they want on their own land’’ (ODT, 28.1.21) — are not only offensive, egregious and embarrassi­ng but are also a strong indicator why he should not be our mayor.

Given many city councils around Aotearoa have rules around new builds allowing rainwater tanks and so on, Mr Hawkins seems very blind to the ‘‘Green’’ perspectiv­e.

I wonder how many folk from our Waikouaiti and Karitane communitie­s embrace the survivalis­t fantasy and install rainwater tanks.

We have a chief executive earning more than the Prime Minister at the helm; meanwhile, our infrastruc­ture and finances crash and burn.

I fear for Dunedin’s future.

Kate Dempsey

Harwood .....................................

BIBLE READING: I have hidden your word in my heart. — Psalms 119:11.

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