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Super quiz


BEGINNER (1pt each)

➊ Was television series The Closer a police drama, a documentar­y about big business or a nearfuture science fiction series?

➋ What is the official date of Otago Anniversar­y Day?

➌ Which type of volcanic rock, used for polishing and cleaning, is often so lightweigh­t it can float on water?

INTERMEDIA­TE (2pt each)

➍ Which major Australian city is close to the shore of Moreton Bay?

➎ The 2009 movie Untouchabl­e Girls

was the story of which New Zealand sisters?

➏ A group of geese on the ground is called a gaggle; what is a group of geese in flight called?

➐ Which 1959 epic was the first movie to win 11 Academy Awards?

EXPERT (3pt each) ➑ What kind of place is Paris’ notable landmark, the Pere Lachaise?

➒ Is the mathematic­al series starting 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 . . . an example of an arithmetic, geometric or trigonomet­ric progressio­n?

➓ Which film actress is the daughter of a comic actor best known for his roles in television comedies Porridge and Rising Damp?

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