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General knowledge crossword



1 Who wrote the opera The Queen of Spades? (11)

8 What is the capital of Kenya? (7)

9 What is the acronym for the organisati­on providing canteens and shops for British military personnel? (5)

10 What is a small, usually ornamented case for needles and small articles? (4)

11 What is a sum of money saved for the future? (4,3)

12 What is a variety of lettuce with a long upright head? (3)

13 What toy consists of a pair of joined discs with a string wound between? (2-2)

15 In what state was the emperor in Andersen’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? (4)

17 What fruit would you pick from a Ficus carica? (3)

19 Shakespear­e represente­d Sir Percy Henry in Richard II and Henry IV as which character? (7)

20 What is a stout pole for supporting rigging? (4)

23 What is a wax-covered wick for conveying a flame? (5)

24 Which river flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario? (7)

25 In 1950, which circuit in England hosted the world’s first Formula One World Championsh­ip race? (11) DOWN 1 What slang name was given to the sixpence? (6)

2 What is a Japanese three part poem, usually with 17 syllables? (5) 3 What is the most used and cheapest metal? (4)

4 In comedic portrayal, what do the French wear around their necks? (6)

5 What is the name the New York state prison that opened in 1824? (4,4)

6 What is the close of a 12-month financial period called? (4-3) 7 What is the upright piece of wood on a violin over which the strings are stretched? (6)

12 What noncommiss­ioned officer wears two stripes? (8)

14 What was once called a devilfish? (7)

16 In which North Yorkshire town did James Cook serve his apprentice­ship? (6)

17 The Hundred Years’ War was between England and which country? (6)

18 What is the assignment of treatment priority for casualties of war or disaster? (6)

21 Who had Socrates as his teacher and Aristotle as his pupil? (5) 22 The song “Memory” is from which musical? (4)

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