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Not happy at quarantine leaks, mishaps


ENOUGH is enough. I am normally a reasonably calm and welladjust­ed person, but having not seen my Melbourne family for a year, I find it impossible to accept the mess being made by Jacinda Ardern and her socalled health profession­als.

To have to listen to Ashley Bloomfield and Chris Hipkins giving their daily excuses as to why we have outbreaks of cases of Covid19 is not good enough.

It shouldn’t happen. If people are allowed to mix in isolation, they might as well be at home isolating properly — no lifts or communal exercise areas.

Alix Bolton



WOULD it be possible for the owners of the private lane near Cumberland St to resurface the road?

It is full of potholes and can be an unpleasant experience for commuters.

Last month, my mum and I had to drive through that lane after visiting Warehouse Stationery and it was frightenin­g at times.

Leaving it in its present state may cause accidents, particular­ly in winter. Andrew Lim

Shiel Hill

Science education

A LOCAL solution presents itself to help with the woeful scores of science pupils in New Zealand (the country of Rutherford!), as outlined in your editorial (‘‘Maths and science teaching woes’’, ODT, 4.2.21).

Otago University offers a fourday residentia­l course each January for science teachers around the country to attend, for refreshmen­t and upskilling of knowledge.

This programme should be massively expanded, to enable courses throughout the school holiday periods, and fully funded by the Department of Education.

Attendance should be a compulsory part, or at least strongly encouraged, of every science teacher’s profession­al developmen­t, say once every three years.

R. Gardner


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