Otago Daily Times

Sex education advocated


Wellington: The School Inspectors’ Conference discussed yesterday the question of sex instructio­n in public schools. The Minister of Education stated that a great deal of evil was caused by neglect to instruct the young as to the physiologi­cal facts of life. Unfortunat­ely, because of false shame, most parents failed to do their duty in the matter. He believed the consensus of opinion was that parental instructio­n was fortified. He had doubts of the advisabili­ty of calling on teachers to carry out this duty, and thought parents should teach their own children. Dr Wilkins (Chief Medical Officer of Schools) declared that the statistics of venereal disease and illegitima­cy, and the prevalence of selfabuse made it a vital necessary work. Sex instructio­n should be earnestly taken up, and any and every attempt to stamp out venereal disease was doomed to failure, unless proper sex instructio­n was given early in life.

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