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6 Otago Daily Times Thursday, February 11, 2021 @ TELEVISION TVNZ 1 TVNZ 2 Three Prime Choice Maori Channel 39 © TVNZ 2021 freeview 1 SKY1 © TVNZ 2021 freeview 2 SKY2 freeview 3 SKY3 freeview 10 SKY 4 freeview 39 terrestria­l Dunedin & Invercargi­ll freeview 12 SKY 24 freeview 5 SKY 19 6am 6am 6am 7am 7:30 8am The AM Show Breakfast Restoratio­n Home Forever Summer With Nigella Jamie’s Quick And Easy Food Coyote Peterson – Brave The Wild Coyote Peterson – Brave The Wild The Great Interior Design Challenge Brent Owens Unwraps Mauritius Mysteries At The Museum Wheeler Dealers Aussie Lobster Men Ice Cold Gold Chasing Monsters Love Nature – Dr Dee Alaska Vet 6am 6:25 6:30 6:55 6am 6:25 6:50 6:55 7am 7:25 7:50 6:30 6:50 6:35 News, interviews, and humour to start the day. The Breakfast team presents news, interviews, weather, and informatio­n. Jeopardy Ready Set Dance Top Wing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Powerpuff Girls Henry Danger Game Shakers Double Dare A Place In The Sun – Winter Sun The Doctors Hot Bench Ice Road Truckers Bull Married With Children The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Judge Judy Jeopardy American Pickers Everybody Loves Raymond Prime News ISPS Handa Premiershi­p Highlights Show Shipping Wars The Crowd Goes Wild David Bowie – The Last Five Years Les Mills Born To Move Rescue Bots Academy Bluey Masha’s Tales Ranger Rob Monchhichi Tribe Miraculous – Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir MyaGo The Wiggles’ World Sesame Street Infomercia­ls Religious Programmin­g Neighbours American Housewife The Bacheloret­te NZ The 100k Drop Judge Rinder The Middle Home And Away Shortland Street Malory Towers The Worst Witch Friends The Simpsons Pipi Ma Waiata Mai Tapatahi Pukoro Pukana Traditiona­l Opaki Iwi Anthems Whanau Living Nga Tangata Taumata Rau Nga Waru Pumanawa Wehi Na Upload Matau Nga Pari Karangaran­ga O Te Motu Ako Toku Reo Toku Reo Korero Mai Pukana Pukana Miharo Pipi Ma Takaro Tribe Waiata Mai Tamariki Haka Te Nutube ZooMoo Darwin + Newts Purakau Paia Te Ao Marama Maori Sports Awards 30 Takaro Tribe Te Ao 3 0 3 6am 7am 6:30 7:30 Made In Germany Tiki Tour The Moe Show Southern Attraction­s Green Matters Think Green Eco Adventures Kick Off! The Hamilton Live PopXport Talking Pictures Euromaxx National Geographic – Live Cars TV Southern Attraction­s World Of Wildlife China Now Euromaxx The South Today Southern Attraction­s The South Today Classic Restos A-Z Of Motorsport Low Gear Bumper 2 Bumper The South Today Low Gear Drive It! Motor Week Blokesworl­d Euromaxx World Stories Focus On Europe Global 3000 The Day Euromaxx Southern Attraction­s In Focus Motor Week National Geographic – Live 7am 0 3 30 F 9am 10:25 Infomercia­ls Zumbo’s Just Desserts 8am 0 30 32 30 10am 9am The Ellen DeGeneres Show PG 8:30 9:30 10:30 9am 10am PG 3 0 0 32 10:30 11am 11:30 Noon 12:30 1pm 2pm 2:30 Ellen DeGeneres brings her brand of humour to daytime talk. Ten dessert makers arrive at Zumbo’s factory and begin their journey into sweet culinary magic. Kai 8:30 9am 10am 3 30 11am 0 30 30 7:20 7:45 0 3 30 30 10am 11am Noon 12:30 Tipping Point The Chase 1 News At Midday Emmerdale 8:10 0 11:30 Noon NewsHub Live At 11:30am Lost And Found Noon 8:35 30 30 10:30 11:30 3 30 30 3 0 8:15 8:20 8:30 8:55 9:25 9:55 10:25 10:55 11:55 1pm 2pm 2:30 3pm 3:30 4pm 4:30 5pm PG 12:30 1pm PGC 3 9:05 10am 11am 11:30 12:30 1:30 2pm 3 3 PGC 1:30 PG A revelation in a woman’s search to find her American birth father; a Whitianga woman seeks the father who has been absent from her life for 38 years. 30 3 2 PGVC PG 12:30 3 PGL Charity is full of resentment; Al’s secret is revealed; it remains to be seen whether the Dingle wedding will go ahead. 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5pm 5:05 5:20 5:30 5:40 5:50 6pm 6:10 6:20 6:30 7:30 2pm 3pm 4pm 0 32 32 32 2 1:30 2:30 PGL 3pm 4pm 3 32 PGVL 3:30 0 0 0 M 30 PGC 1pm Coronation Street PG 4:30 5pm 5:30 6pm 7pm 7:30 8pm 8:30 9pm 9:30 10pm 10:30 11pm 11:30 Midnight 1am 3 1pm Secrets At The Lake M 2019 PG 30 PG 3 Dr Dee investigat­es a possible neurologic­al problem in her own dog; a horse’s castration turns dangerous. M Long-running drama with the residents of England’s most famous cobbled street. A group of teens make a pact that has deadly consequenc­es. Nicky Whelan, Anna Hutchison. Thriller. PG PG 30 30 3 3 3 PG 3 0 0 30 3 30 3pm 3:30 4pm 5pm 5:30 6pm PG 4:30 Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Mysteries At The Museum Wheeler Dealers Forged In Fire 2pm 3pm 4pm 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tipping Point Te Karere Eat, Shop, Save The Chase 1 News At 6pm Seven Sharp Filthy House SOS 30 2:55 Ninja Warrior UK Contestant­s tackle a variety of obstacles on an assault course, achieving a fast time or going the furthest to qualify for the semi-finals and the finals. 3 0 20 PG 5:30 6:30 7:30 PGC PG PGS PG PG 30 30 0 0 3 PG 30 0 3 0 PGC 0 3 0 0 Four blade smiths must create a signature blade using a randomly chosen mystery technique. 4pm Travels With The Bondi Vet 3 Bondi vet Chris Brown goes on vacation, exploring some of the world’s most beautiful, and sometimes bizarre, places, and their animals. 30 6:30 7pm 7:30 PG PG 0 3 A pair of expert cleaners take on some of Britain’s filthiest and most cluttered homes. 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2am First Man Out Alone Redemption Wheeler Dealers Mysteries At The Museum Jamie And Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Brent Owens Unwraps Mauritius Paranormal Survivor Love Nature – Dr Dee Alaska Alone Redemption Mysteries At The Museum F PGC After a trip to a water park, Lisa’s determined to set free Springfiel­d’s most vicious captive animals; Homer fulfils a lifelong dream. In 30 Rage Against The Rangatahi Waiata Nation The Barber 2 Tongue Tied He Aha To Say Anika Moa Unleashed Senior Kapa Haka Regionals PGCV 0 8pm 8:30 9pm 9:30 10pm 10:30 11pm This documentar­y explores the last five years of David Bowie’s life, from the albums The Next Day and Blackstar to the musical Lazarus. M 0 3 12:30 4:30 5pm 6pm 7pm 7:30 NewsHub Live At 4:30pm Millionair­e Hot Seat NewsHub Live At 6pm The Project Grand Designs New Zealand – Signature Series 3 3 8:30 It’s Your Fault I’m Fat 16 PGC 0 0 PG British teens who have struggled with obesity their entire lives confront their families whom they believe are to blame for their weight gain. 1:30 2:30 2am 3am 4am 5am 5:30 6pm 6:30 7pm 7:30 8pm The Big Bang Theory Neighbours Home And Away Shortland Street Police Ten 7 Booze Patrol 30 M 0 F 0 3 9:30 Evil MVC 4:30 F PG PGSC PG 0 0 0 M3 0 Kristen and Ben team up with Judy James to find David’s attacker; David is determined to fight off a menacing angel of death. PG 3 3am 4am MCV PGC 9:30 Coronation Street PG Photograph­ers Johannes and Jo face double trouble – a heritage restoratio­n with the addition of an architectu­ral statement home on the side. Vet 2020 PGCV PGC Long-running drama with the residents of England’s most famous cobbled street. News bulletins and clips available on demand at www.channel39.co.nz 3 N 5am 11:30 Closedown 0 Series following the work of police who deal with problems caused by alcohol. Sky Sport 1 Discovery Movies Premiere 0 10:30 Tennis – Australian Open (HLS) 0 0 10:30 11pm 11:35 1 News Tonight The Late Cut Cricket Show Towies 0 SKY 51 SKY 70 Day Three. 8:30 8:35 Graham Norton Show The Last Samurai M MV 2003 PG SKY 30 0 6:35 7am How Do They Do It? How It’s Made House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Internatio­nal House Hunters Internatio­nal Gear Fast N’ Loud Homestead Rescue 100 Days Wild House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Internatio­nal House Hunters Internatio­nal Outback Opal Hunters Gold Rush – White Water Gold Rush – Parker’s Trail Gold Rush – Parker’s Trail Gold Rush Gold Rush Outback Opal Hunters Aussie Gold Hunters Homestead Rescue Naked And Afraid XL How It’s Made How Do They Do It? Deadliest Catch Bering Sea Gold Gold Rush – White Water Secrets Of The Undergroun­d Deadliest Catch 6am Gallagher Premiershi­p PG (RPL) M 11:35 The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Closedown Guests include Carey Mulligan, Neil Patrick Harris, James Norton, Ian Wright and Camille Cottin. . A 19th-century American military adviser to Japan is captured in battle and comes to embrace the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy. Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe. Drama. PGL 7:59 Harriet MVLC 2019 Drama. 7:30 8:20 8:45 Wasps v Northampto­n Saints. Italy v France. From Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Leicester PG PG PG PG The highway to Queensland’s Coast is Australia’s most dangerous and, when things go wrong, one of the country’s largest towing companies is there to pick up the pieces. 10:04 Fast Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom jr. 7:55 Six Nations (HLS) 12:35 0 And Furious – Hobbs And Shaw 9:35 RNZ National Live At The Apollo 16 3 Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham. Josephine Langford, Hero FiennesTif­fin. Riley Keough, Jaeden Martell, Lia McHugh. Steven Ogg, Alice Lowe. Ansel Elgort, Suki Waterhouse. Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill. MVL 2019 Action. 8:25 Football – FA Cup 9:10 Top PG Alan Carr introduces Francesca Martinez and Nish Kumar. L 12:21 After MS 2019 City v Seagulls Brighton. 10am 10:50 11:40 PG freeview 50 SKY 421 11:40 Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back Hell’s Kitchen Shortland Street Infomercia­ls 2 Overnight The Middle Neighbours Infomercia­ls 0 0 Drama. 10:30 12:30 1pm 1:30 3:30 4:30 5:30 Blues Greatest Games Six Nations The Conversati­on Six Nations Gallagher Premiershi­p Highlights RugbyPass OffLoad Six Nations PG PG 6am 9:06 10:45 Noon 10:35 11:05 Morning Report Nine To Noon The Reading Midday Report NewsHub Late NCIS 16L 12:05 Inconceiva­ble PG 30 3 2:06 The Lodge 16VC 2019 Wales v Ireland. (HLS) 12:30 1:20 1:45 2:10 PG PG PG PG 12:40 1:30 With Kathryn Ryan. M3 16L The Lucas’s have been trying for the ultimate success of a healthy child for the past six years. 30 Horror. After a 50-year-old tape recording left by a murder victim is found, the team tries to exonerate the Marine serving a life sentence for the crime. 3:51 Solis PGV 2018 Sci-fi. Wales v Ireland. (RPL) 1:55 With Mani PGSC 30 0 32 0 2 5:21 Duplicate Dunlop. 3am 4:15 1:05 1:30 5:35 Te Karere Infomercia­ls Te Karere 16VS 2018 Drama. 1:06 3:45 5pm Afternoons The Panel Checkpoint With Jesse Mulligan. With Wallace Chapman. 4:35 3pm 3:50 4:45 PG PG PG PG PG PG 0 30 0 7pm Child’s Play 16VL Wales v Ireland. From Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. 2020 – (HLS) 5am 12:05 Infomercia­ls 2019 Horror. RNZ Concert 8:30 Jumanji – The Next Level PGVL 6pm Blues Greatest Games (RPL) News and current affairs programme. The gang return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own. However, they soon discover the game has changed and nothing is as they expect. Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black. 2019 Adventure. Blues v Hurricanes. From Auckland. 6:30 Trending Now freeview 51 SKY 422 5:40 6:35 8:30 9:25 10:15 11:05 11:55 12:20 12:45 Programme highlighti­ng the RNZ stories people are sharing online. With Bryan Crump. News And Weather 6am, 7:00, 8:00, 8pm Six Nations England v (HLS) 9:00, Noon, 5pm. With Cynthia Morahan. With Nick Tipping. With David Morriss. PG PG PG M Scotland. 7:06 10pm Nights News At Ten 6am 9am Noon 1pm 3pm Daybreak The Works Upbeat Onstage Classical Connection 8:30 9pm Maori Sports Awards 30 In 30 NPC Archives 1996 10:35 7 Days In Entebbe MVL 2018 Thriller. Auckland (RPL) A roundup of today’s news and sport. With Karyn Hay. Rosamund Pike, Daniel Brühl. v Counties Manukau. 10:15 11:04 Lately Music 101 Pocket Edition PG 12:20 Lost In London 11pm 12:30 1:30 Six Nations Maori Sports Awards 30 In Six Nations Blues Greatest MLS 2017 Drama. Italy v France. (RPL) With With Rick PG Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson. Tony Stamp. Music, interviews, performanc­es and industry issues with a focus on New Zealand artists. 2:25 Young. PG 2:05 Camp Cold Brook 30 MVLC England (HLS) 7pm 8pm 10pm Midnight Evening Classics Music Alive Visit Day’s End Music Through The Night 3:15 4:05 PG PG 2am Chad Michael Murray, Danielle Harris. Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin. v Scotland. 2020 – Blues v Hurricanes. 2018 Horror. 3:35 After Games Gallagher Premiershi­p MS 2019 Drama. 4am 12:04 5am PG All Night Programme First (RPL) Filthy House SOS Secrets At The Lake 4:55 5:20 The Lodge Up Bristol v Sale. 7:30pm on TVNZ 1 1pm on Three PG 16VC 2019 Horror. metservice.com | Compiled by Key: Classifica­tions: Closed Captions; Maori language; Repeat; Highlights; Replay; Delayed. Approved for persons 16/18 years or over; Adults only; Content may offend; Language may offend; Suitable for mature audiences; Parental guidance recommende­d for young viewers; Sexual content may offend; Contains violence. HLS RPL DLY 16/18 AO C L M PG/PGR S V 11Feb21 0 2 3 Broadcast daily on Channel 39 Southern Television from Wednesday, February 10 - Sunday, February 14 at 6 pm or available on-demand at www.odt.co.nz 2021 COVERAGE PROUDLY PRESENTED BY: