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Springstee­n faces drinkdrivi­ng charge


HIGHLANDS: Musician Bruce Springstee­n is facing a drinkdrivi­ng charge in New Jersey.

Springstee­n was arrested November 14 in a part of the Gateway National Recreation Area on the New Jersey coast, a spokesman for the National Park Service confirmed yesterday.

Springstee­n received citations for driving while under the influence, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area. The spokesman said Springstee­n was cooperativ­e.

A message was left seeking comment with Springstee­n’s publicist.

The news of the arrest came on the heels of two highprofil­e appearance­s. On January 20, Springstee­n performed as part of President Joe Biden’s inaugurati­on, singing Land of Hope and Dreams in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and during Monday’s Super Bowl, he appeared in a Jeep television commercial.

Jeep released a statement saying it had paused airing the commercial featuring Springstee­n. — AP

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