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Help to deter Russia sought


KIEV: Nato and the West must act quickly to prevent an escalation of violence between Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said yesterday, suggesting further sanctions against Moscow and more military help.

‘‘We need measures which will deter Russia and which will contain its aggressive intentions. This could be . . . a new round of sanctions which would raise the price of Russian aggression,’’ Kuleba told reporters alongside Nato SecretaryG­eneral Jens Stoltenber­g.

‘‘This could be direct support aimed at strengthen­ing Ukraine’s defence capabiliti­es. Because we do know that Russia spares no effort to prevent third countries from cooperatin­g with Ukraine in the defence sector. Russia is working hard to undermine our defence capabiliti­es.’’

Meanwhile, Russia yesterday warned the United States to ensure its warships stayed well away from Crimea ‘‘for their own good’’, calling their deployment in the Black Sea a provocatio­n.

Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and two US warships are due to arrive in the Black Sea this week amid an escalation in fighting in eastern Ukraine where government forces have battled Russianbac­ked troops in a conflict Kiev says has killed 14,000 people.

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