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No paper delivery, no problem


Your community newspaper is available as a digital edition on your computer or mobile phone so you can read it even when we cannot deliver it to your letterbox.

A digital edition is an exact replica of the print newspaper you know and love, in an easy-touse format with some digital smarts that give you extra functional­ity.

If you find it easier to have a story read to you, then just click ‘listen.’ If you want to translate a story into a different language, then you can do that with our digital edition – which offers simplified Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Arabic and a range of other languages. You can search topics and names, browse our archive of past issues in case you missed a story, zoom into pages to make it easier to read. You can even print pages, if you want to keep a copy of a story, photo or recipe.

The digital edition contains all the favourite content you like. We know that our readers have many different interests, so we make sure we have plenty of varied content to meet your needs. We bring you community news, views, analysis and comment, Nadia Lim’s recipes, gardening tips, What’s On listings and of course our puzzle page.

There are two ways you can find a digital edition. Both are free.

You can sign up to our social network Neighbourl­y. Each of our community papers has its own page on Neighbourl­y. So you can read the paper via the digital edition and then post your views in the discussion. If you sign into Neighbourl­y as a member you can then set up subscripti­on notificati­ons for when issues are uploaded and subscribe to as many as you want – perhaps you want to keep up with the community you used to live in.

The reading experience is very similar to a real paper. You turn pages. But with the added bonus that you can enlarge the pages if you want to make them easier to read.

Alongside your local paper, we have 33 other papers from around the country plus our real estate publicatio­ns and a selection of specialist publicatio­ns.

We also use a service called Press Reader which is available on your computer and as a mobile phone app. This is the service which allows you to

Delivery options

You may not be getting our paper delivered to your letter box regularly over the next few months. Finding people to deliver the thousands of papers we print each week can be a challenge at the best of times and right now as Covid continues to spread through our communitie­s causing people to fall sick or self-isolate, it is even harder. But if you don’t get our paper in your letterbox some weeks, you can still read it with our digital editions. listen to and translate our papers. Reading our community papers is free. Press Reader also gives you access to hundreds of papers from around the world, but you need to pay to access most of those.

Many libraries link with Press Reader and they may be able to help you access it if seems a bit technical for you on your own.

The digital editions are exact copies of the printed paper. Unlike a news website, you see the news stories as they appear in print, with the same headlines, and curated by the paper.

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