Mov­ing house on any bud­get

Orewa Rental Cars of­fers a variety of utes, vans and trucks mak­ing the move cheaper and eas­ier.

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As many of us know, mov­ing can be a har­row­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. We never seem to re­alise how much we ac­tu­ally pos­sess un­til the time comes to pack up our be­long­ings, cram them into a mov­ing van, and shift them to a new lo­ca­tion. As time and money are of­ten in short sup­ply, this process can be­come more dif­fi­cult. Here are sev­eral com­mon meth­ods of mov­ing house and some tips that will hope­fully make it go more smoothly.

The big has­sle but low cost op­tion. Whether by choice or ne­ces­sity, many peo­ple opt to move house us­ing their own ve­hi­cles and the help of a few friends. Be­cause friends, like money, may be in short sup­ply around mov­ing time, Orewa Rental Cars of­fers a variety of utes, vans and trucks mak­ing the move cheaper and eas­ier.

The av­er­age cost op­tion with some work in­volved. While still opt­ing to do the grunt work them­selves, many peo­ple choose to rent a large ve­hi­cle to trans­port their be­long­ings in one trip. This will sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce the amount of time you spend phys­i­cally shift­ing. For those choos­ing this time sav­ing op­tion, large trucks and mov­ing vans are avail­able for hire at Orewa Rental Cars.

The costly op­tion with no work in­volved. Mov­ing would be a breeze if this op­tion were fea­si­ble for ev­ery­one. A car­ry­ing firm may be hired to pack, move and un­load nearly all of your be­long­ings. While this re­moves the pres­sure of shift­ing the large, heavy items, there are al­ways a few valu­ables you refuse to let out of your sight. Small vans or utes are avail­able for hire at Orewa Rental Cars to per­son­ally trans­port your most prized pos­ses­sions. Tips:

Un­less you are lucky enough to have a car­ry­ing firm shift your be­long­ings, you will need plenty of boxes. When book­ing your ve­hi­cle, Orewa Rental Cars can di­rect you to a box sup­plier. Al­ter­na­tively su­per­mar­kets have an abun­dance of boxes and they are gen­er­ally free for the tak­ing.

When pack­ing a truck, treat it like a puzzle, all of the pieces care­fully fit to­gether. Re­mem­ber, wasted space in a mov­ing van means wasted time and money as ex­tra trips will be needed.

Ideally, shift­ing will be over and done with in a day. How­ever, this is not al­ways the case. Should you re­quire a few days of stor­age, Orewa Rental Cars will or­gan­ise stor­age for your be­long­ings fol­low­ing the first shift with their rental ve­hi­cle and 50 per­cent dis­count for ve­hi­cle hire for the sec­ond shift.

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