Fairies find favour in gar­dens


con­tainer, some dirt and some moss from the drive­way suf­ficed (you can even buy spe­cial moss for fairy gar­dens), but any kind of plant pot with de­cent pot­ting mix will do. Fairies and gnomes pre­fer low-grow­ing plants, such as alyssum, heart­sease, dwarf snap­drag­ons, baby tears, scle­r­an­thus, vi­o­lets, lo­belia and creep­ing thyme.

Do you have wee folk at your place? Email me your pho­tos at in­box@get­grow­ing.co.nz. or a gen­eral gar­den fer­tiliser, then side dress it with more blood and bone twice dur­ing the four and a half months it takes to grow to ma­tu­rity. Cel­ery is orig­i­nally a swamp plant, so keep the wa­ter up to pre­vent it from bolt­ing to seed. Plant it suc­ces­sively from now un­til July. Try fast-grow­ing ‘Slow­bolt

Polo’ from Eg­mont Seeds or ‘Tall Utah’ or red-and­white-stockinged ‘Pep­per­mint Stick’ from Kings Seeds or buy seedlings at the gar­den cen­tre.

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